Jan 13, 2024

CONTRACT - School Psychologist - Part Time

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  • Milford, MA, USA
Part-time School Support

Job Description

Job Description: This is a DOC contract, weekly hours may vary, but cannot exceed 60 hours per/month. This position requires travel to the following institutions: MCI-Concord, MCI-Framingham, MCI-Shirley, North Central Correctional Institution (Gardner, MA), Northeastern Correctional Center (Concord, MA), Souza Baranowski Correctional Center (Shirley, MA), MCI-Norfolk, Pondville Correctional Center (Norfolk, MA), Old Colony Correction Center (Bridgewater, MA), Massachusetts Treatment Center (Bridgewater, MA), and to Department Headquarters in Milford, MA. 1. Identify the cause(s) of learning and/or adjustment difficulties of incarcerated individuals in the care and custody of the Massachusetts Department of Correction. 2. Recommend a program of action and specific remedial services designed to alleviate or correct learning and/or adjustment problems of individual pupils. 3. Interpret to other Department of Correction staff members the developmental and mental health needs of the incarcerated individual(s). 4. Observe incarcerated student referred by classroom teachers. 5. Participate in the CORE evaluation process and provide a professional recommendation for appropriate accommodations. 6. Perform all necessary and appropriate psychological and, if appropriate, neuropsychological evaluations for newly referred students. This includes administration and interpretation of appropriate psychological tests and provision of recommendations to assist with intervention and remediation of student's difficulties. 7. Work closely with the Special Education Coordinator to provide psychological services and recommendations with students, as referred by teachers. 8. Provide consultation to classroom teachers. 9. Provide in-service training to school staff, as appropriate, consult with administrators on relevant psycho-educational issues. 10. Any other duties and responsibilities as directed by the Director and managerial staff of the Education Division, Department of Correction. This is a contract position. Weekly hours may vary but cannot exceed 60 hours per month. The pay rate for this position is $65.00 per hour. No state benefits are provided for this contract position. Comments: Applicants must have no felony convictions, to include any actions defined in 5 U.S.C. 301; U.S.C. 509, 510; 42 U.S.C. 15601-15609. The Massachusetts Department of Correction shall not hire anyone who may have direct contact with offenders, who has engaged in sexual abuse in a prison or other institution as defined in 42 U.S.C. 1997; or has been convicted of engaging or attempting to engage in sexual activity in the community facilitated by force, overt or implied threats of force or coercion, or if the victim did not consent or was unable to consent or refuse, or has been civilly or administratively adjudicated to have engaged in the activity described in the above paragraph. The agency shall consider any incidents of sexual harassment in determining whether to hire anyone who may have contact with offenders or residents. The DOC urges bi-lingual applicants to apply.

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