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Full-time School Support

Job Description

The SPED SEL/APPLIED BEHAVIOR ANALYSIS (ABA) Specialist will work collaboratively with the District-Wide Autism Department Head Behavioral Specialist, Principal, Special and Regular Education Teachers, Support Staff, and Families to assist district BCBAs to ensure that the delivery of IEP services are being provided with fidelity in accordance to student's individualized education programs. The ABA Specialist will also provide training and support to SAIL/COAST ABA-based classrooms and monitor the delivery of ABA services for students with Autism and other related emotional/developmental disabilities. Autism services will be based on the principles of applied behavior analysis including the modification of environmental variables, behavior reduction procedures, systematic instruction (e.g., discrete trial teaching, incidental instruction) to teach new and/or adaptive skills, and the maintenance and generalization of students' skills towards improved outcomes. PRINCIPAL RESPONSIBILITIES: (to be included along with other responsibilities) 1. Collaborate with BCBAs and/or Behavior Specialists to coordinate ABA and behavioral social emotional services for students with Autism, Pervasive Developmental Disorders, Emotional and other related developmental disabilities was a result of IEP Teams recommendations 2. Monitor the fidelity of ABA/Behavior Intervention services provided and assist with data collection 3. Consult with supervising BCBA on ABA program development 4. Assist in providing ongoing training and professional development in the area of applied behavior analysis in collaboration with BCBAs 5. Provide ongoing consultation with school-based teams (e.g., parents, teachers, itinerants, specialists, administration) in collaboration with BCBA/Behavior Specialists 6. Assist BCBA/Behavior Specialists in development and monitoring the implementation of systematic instructional ABA and behavioral intervention programs for students 7. Assist in data collection procedures and direct observation 8. Assist in completion of informal and formal assessments given the supervision of BCBA (e.g., ABLLS-R, VB-Mapp, Functional Behavior Assessments) etc., to guide development of ABA programming 9. Collaborate with district BCBA and/or Behavior Specialists/ Special Needs Teacher to support the implementation and development of functional behavioral assessments and behavior intervention support plans 10. Review and assist in the development of student's program books to ensure ongoing data collection and monitoring of data to develop and/or recommend program changes 11. Participate and contribute to weekly, monthly and long-range planning with the classroom teacher and/or ABA Coordinator/Supervisor necessary to generalize student learning based on ABA instructional activities. 12. Attend IEP Team meetings and ABA clinic meetings with BCBA and special needs teacher as needed 13. Maintain a valid certification in Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI) which includes physical capabilities to assist with protective holds and student escorts. 14. Complete scheduled on-going professional development to ensure the quality of instruction and support provided. 15. Responsible for assuring equal educational opportunity to all individuals regardless of race, color, gender, age, marital status, religion, gender identity, natural origin, sexual orientation, homelessness, or disability 16. Performance of other job-related duties as assigned REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Bachelor's Degree in education, psychology or related field OR minimum of five years of Applied Behavioral Analyst experience. 2. Four years of successful experience providing ABA/clinical services and/or special education teaching experience working with students with autism spectrum disorders/ social emotional and developmental disabilities in a school/home setting 3. Ability to monitor the implementation of Behavior Intervention Support Plans of students developed by the BCBA. This includes collecting daily behavior data and clinical notes to be reported on progress reports which may be used to develop goals and objectives for IEPs 4. Proficient in ABA techniques including, but not limited to, discrete trials, adaptive skills (e.g., toileting, feeding, before or after school routines), task analysis, natural environment teaching, and social skills training. This also includes following appropriate prompt hierarchies such as verbal and physical hierarchies 5. Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI) certification PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) Certification 2. Licensure as a Board-Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCABA) 3. Four years providing direct ABA services to students in a public or private school setting 4. Strong computer literacy abilities and excellent communication skills. 5. Working knowledge of special education regulations and process 6. Analytical knowledge of data collection with the ability to organize discrete trial data and applied behavioral analysis to assist in student's program books, progress reports and/or report writing 7. Ability to speak Albanian, Arabic, Nepali, Portuguese, Spanish, Vietnamese or an African Language. 8. Demonstrated experience with second language acquisition 9. Demonstrated experience supporting students with Special Needs. WORK YEAR: 203 days consisting of the 180 student days plus 3 PD days plus 20 additional days which includes working during SPED summer extended school year. This deadline date does not preclude further advertisement or recruitment

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