Jan 13, 2024

.4 Social Worker (BRYT Program HS)

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  • Wilmington, MA, USA
Part-time School Support

Job Description

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: • Licensed Social Worker to support students with social, emotional and behavioral challenges. To develop and continuously improve a high-functioning program providing clinical and academic supports to students returning to or transitioning into Wilmington High School after an experience that has had significant mental health impact in addition to resulting in loss of school time. 10-12 hours week; Flexible hours depending on student/program need. • Works with the administrators, School Counselor CTL, clinical staff, nursing team, classroom teachers and external support organizations to develop and continuously improve a program dedicated to successful transition into WHS BRYT program for students who have experienced significant mental health challenges and have missed extensive amounts of school time. • Develops and assures effective implementation of a comprehensive transition plan integrating clinical care coordination and academic supports for each student in the BRYT Program; is primarily responsible for implementation of the care coordination components of the overall plan. • Organizes and facilitates meetings with staff of collateral support organizations prior to and during students' participation in BRYT. • Develops and implements the clinical care coordination and family engagement components of the overall case management plan for each student in BRYT. • Provides 1:1 and/or small-group clinical intervention to BRYT students on a flexible, as-needed basis, employing clinical methods that are most appropriate for meeting the goals in each student's case management plan. • Pro-actively communicates with educator colleagues and school administrators regarding the progress and status of each student in BRYT, maintaining student confidentiality as appropriate. • Engages in consistent two-way communication with the families of BRYT students to keep them apprised of student progress and gather feedback and information to support student learning and well-being, including making home visits to families where appropriate. • Maintains a program environment that is conducive to learning and appropriate to the maturity and interests of students. • Monitors progress of BRYT students who have transitioned out of the program. • Serves as Principal's designee in providing functional support/supervision to all staff members and volunteers assigned to BRYT. • Assures that all required data is gathered and entered into data management systems according to program procedures. Participates in meetings with staff of collateral support organizations prior to and during students' participation in BRYT. • Assists the administration in implementing all policies and/or rules governing student life and conduct, and for the classroom develops reasonable rules of classroom behavior and procedure, and maintains order in the classroom, including addressing inappropriate student behaviors as needed. • Participate in administrative support team meetings about schoolwide tiered interventions and chronic absenteeism, considering when it is appropriate for students to access BRYT on a preventative basis. • Plans and supervises purposeful assignments for teacher aide(s) and or volunteer(s). • Attends staff meetings and serves on staff and or school committees. • Participates in staff development programs. • Other duties as assigned.

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