Jan 13, 2024

Lyman Elementary School Special Education Ed Tech III

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  • Waterboro, ME, USA
Full-time Education

Job Description

REGIONAL SCHOOL UNIT NO. 57 Office of the Superintendent Waterboro, ME 04087 EDUCATIONAL TECHNICIAN III REPORTS TO: Building Principal or designee. QUALIFICATIONS DESIRED: 1. Documentation of at least three years of post-secondary education or a combination equivalent to 90 hours of approved study in an educationally related field. 2. Must possess strong communication, organizational and interpersonal skills, an understanding of the instructional process, and an understanding of students' needs to include understanding of the student with special needs. 3. Knowledge of emergency, health, and safety issues would be preferred. 4. Must be willing to participate in ongoing in-service training as requested by Administrator and/or Director. 5. Must hold or be eligible for State of Maine Educational Technician III Authorization and CHRC Approval Certificate. 6. Must maintain a high level of ethical behavior and confidentiality of information about students as required by law. 7. Demonstrated aptitude or competence for successful fulfillment of assigned performance responsibilities. Prior experience in the educational field is desirable but not required. WORK YEAR: School year, per Educational Technician III Bargaining Agreement. JOB GOAL: To assist the teaching staff in maintaining appropriate classroom activities/environment in which students can take full advantage of the instructional program and available resource materials. PERFORMANCE RESPONSIBILITIES: Responsibilities may include, but are not limited to the following: 1. Work with individual student or small groups of students to review and reinforce learning previously introduced by classroom teacher/content specialist under the direct supervision of the classroom teacher/content specialist. a. Assist the teacher/content specialist in devising special strategies for reinforcing material or skills based on an understanding of individual students' needs, interests, and abilities. b. Guide independent study, enrichment work, and/or remedial work set up and assigned by the teacher/content specialist 2. Perform non-instructional, non-evaluative functions: a. Administer, score and record such achievement/diagnostic tests as the teacher/content specialist recommends for individual students. b. Help students master equipment/instructional materials assigned by the teacher/content specialist. c. Provide input, if requested, to the IEP process and parent Conference Day. Computer Labs: a. Provide the primary support for all computer lab technology (troubleshooting, maintenance, software installs and upgrades). b. Provide primary network support for staff and student users (network maintenance, adding and upgrading user and/or groups). c. Provide the school building with technology support for all staff, as needed. d. Provide software support and assistance to all users. e. Assist the Technology Coordinator to keep the building hardware and software inventory current and up to date. f. Prepare computer lab budget, order supplies and software for the lab. g. Provide support and assistance to staff using our mobile lab technology. h. Assist staff with the integration of technology into curriculum lesson plans. 3. Assist in preparation of instructional materials: Classroom: a. Copying, typing, filing, cutting, laminating, bulletin board preparation, classroom calendar, book orders. Library/Media: a. Check books/materials in and out. b. Shelf returned books. c. Process new materials (books, magazines, periodicals, and audio-visual). d. Catalog new materials (books, magazines and audio-visual). Special Education: a. Assist in preparation of IEP meetings. b. Assist in preparation of instructional materials to include copying, typing, filing, cutting, laminating, bulletin board preparation. 4. Assist teacher/content specialist with management functions: Classroom: a. Assist with playground/recess, time-out, bus, study hall, detention, lunch duties (may include collecting money, taking lunch tickets, assisting with lunch trays, etc.), assist with bus notes/slips. b. Assist with supervision of students during emergency/fire drills, assemblies, field trips, provide escort and assistance services to children as necessary, etc. Library/Media: a. Assist students in locating materials. b. Assist Library/media Specialist in providing story hours/media, showings/media instruction/library activities appropriate to age level. Special Education: a. Provide escort and assistance services to children as necessary. 5. Serve as the chief source of information/assistance to substitute teacher assigned in the absence of the regular teacher. 6. Introduce new learning pre-planned in collaboration with the classroom teacher or appropriate content specialist.

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