Jan 13, 2024

Elementary Health Teacher

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  • New Bedford, MA, USA
Full-time Teaching

Job Description

We are deeply committed to an inclusive curriculum and school community that reflects the diversity of our student population. We strive to have the highest quality educators and encourage applications from candidates representing a broad range of skills and diverse backgrounds. We seek candidates who are dedicated to inclusion and have a clear interest in being part of the richness of diversity that the New Bedford Public Schools community has to offer. JOB DESCRIPTION: 1.Provide rigorous lessons aligned to the Common Core Standards and MA State Frameworks that promote independent thinking, creative problem solving, and intellectual curiosity for all students. PERFORMANCE RESPONSIBILITIES: 1.Plan and implement instruction to insure that all students meet and exceed Common Core Standards and State Frameworks 2.Use of data to inform instruction, to track student progress and to track progress of self through self-evaluation and goal setting 3.Deliver engaging, targeted instruction that meets MA DESE and Common Core Standards for level and subject taught 4.Differentiate services and instruction to meet variety of student learning needs and strengths 5.Maintain active communication with students' families in support of their learning and to communicate with families consistently and regularly throughout the school year about their children's academic and social progress 6.Assess student performance using formal, summative, and portfolio assessments to drive instruction 7.Perform other duties as assigned by the principal

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