Jan 13, 2024

Elementary School Nurse-West Street School

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  • Southbridge, MA, USA
Full-time School Support

Job Description

Background on Southbridge Public Schools:

Southbridge Public Schools serve approximately 2,200 students in six schools. The district is presently undergoing extensive turnaround at all levels, with the assistance of the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. This creates unique opportunities for teachers and students. One example is a recently announced, long-term partnership with the University of Connecticut to develop Southbridge Schools to be a national demonstration site for successful implementation of PBIS strategies. Additionally, our district is the recipient of a number of significant grants that are allowing us to creatively redesign Secondary School, curriculum enhancements, improved culture and climate and afterschool opportunities for students. If you feel strongly about improving the educational experience for students and have a commitment to social justice, Southbridge Public Schools welcomes you.

More information about the district's turnaround efforts can be found here.

•Participates in establishing, reviewing, and revising policies, procedures, and specific programs that relate to the operation of the health office and/or health services.
•Organizes and implements state-mandated programs such as immunization surveillance and screening programs: completes and submits state-mandated reports and surveys as required by M.D.P.H. Contacts parents and does follow-up for referrals.
•Promotes positive safety practices both within and outside of school buildings.
•Maintains comprehensive school health records.
•Collaborates with school administrators and personnel in promoting a healthful school environment.

Nursing Services:
•Utilizes a distinct knowledge base for decision making in nursing practice.
•Utilizes effective written, verbal and nonverbal communication skills.
•Collects information about health and developmental status of the student, his/her family, and significant others in a systematic and continuous manner including health and social histories, screening results, physical assessment, emotional status, performance level and health goals.
•Develops an individualized health care plan for students with specific health needs and makes appropriate changes as needed. Coordinates this plan with other providers in the school system.
•Provides medically prescribed interventions, including medication administration.
•Provides routine nursing care and first-aid to students and staff.
•Collaborates with school guidance department, and in a joint effort, responds to frequently encountered health issues providing counseling and crisis intervention when needed. (Adolescent pregnancy, substance abuse, suicide, death of a family member, physical or emotional abuse/neglect).
•Identifies, delineated, and clarifies the nursing role, promotes quality of care, pursues continued professional enhancement, and demonstrates professional conduct.

•Establishes a process to identify students at risk for physical and psychosocial problems, communicates health needs to other school personnel, as appropriate; and establishes a referral system using both internal and community resources; collaborates with Guidance on health issues related to school attendance.
•Collaborates with Special Education Team in gathering information for the Medical/Developmental History report from physical records. Identifies health related needs for students being reviewed for I.E.P.'s. Completes and submits reports, attends and participates in team/parent meetings as needed.
•Serves as a member of the Crisis Intervention Team.
•Serves as a liaison among school, home community health agencies and other healthcare professionals.
•Serves as a resource to the administration on environmental health and safety issues.

Professional Practice:
•Demonstrates current knowledge in such areas as: professional issues in school nursing, communicable disease control, growth and development, health assessment, specific health conditions, both chronic and acute, injury prevention and emergency care, health counseling, health education, health promotion and adolescent issues.
•Assumes responsibility for continuing own education, meeting requirements for recertification with D.O.E., R.N. license renewal and National School Nurse Certification (recertification if currently certified).
•Maintains ongoing consultation with school physician regarding student health issues; in addition to consultation with individual student's health care providers (physician, dentist, and counselor).

1.Must have a valid license to practice as a registered nurse in the state of Massachusetts (M.G.L. c. 71, s. 53)
2.Hold a minimum of a bachelor's degree in nursing from a college or university program in nursing from a college or university program in nursing accredited by the National League for Nursing. (Unless grand fathered by D.O.E.)
3. Meet the requirements for licensure as developed by the Massachusetts Department of Education.
4. Maintain certification in Cardiopulmonary resuscitation and AED training from a recognized provider (i.e. American Red Cross, American Heart) and obtain a certification in First Aid.

Equal Opportunity Employer

Southbridge Public Schools is committed to maintaining a work and learning environment free from discrimination on the basis of race, color, creed, national origin, sex, gender identity, disability, religion, age, or sexual orientation.

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