Jan 13, 2024

School Adjustment Counselor-Southbridge Academy (Grades 6-12)

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  • Southbridge, MA, USA
Full-time School Support

Job Description

Background on Southbridge Public Schools:

Southbridge Public Schools serve approximately 2,200 students in six schools. The district is presently undergoing extensive turnaround at all levels, with the assistance of the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. This creates unique opportunities for teachers and students. One example is a recently announced, long-term partnership with the University of Connecticut to develop Southbridge Schools to be a national demonstration site for successful implementation of PBIS strategies. Additionally, our district is the recipient of a number of significant grants that are allowing us to creatively redesign Secondary School, curriculum enhancements, improved culture and climate and afterschool opportunities for students. If you feel strongly about improving the educational experience for students and have a commitment to social justice, Southbridge Public Schools welcomes you.

More information about the district's turnaround efforts can be found here.

POSITION: School Adjustment Counselor

REPORTS TO: High School Principal


This position is accountable for the delivery of clinical services to students; to identify a student's needs and to make use of internal and community resources to help bring about positive changes so as to function to his/her fullest potential in the school and community through actions consistent with the policies of the Southbridge Public schools and relevant state laws and regulations.


1. Responsible for pre-referral conferences with school personnel in a team context for the appropriate intervention for a student.

2. Responsible for individual and/or group psychotherapy with referred students.

3. Responsible for cooperating and consulting as a team member with teachers, principals and other school personnel for purposes of diagnosing, evaluating and recommending interventions for the adjustment of students.

4. Responsible for providing crisis intervention and conflict resolution services when requested by school personnel.

5. Responsible for making home visits to parents of referred students and counseling with parents at school and in the home to help them understand the social, emotional and academic needs of the student.

6. Responsible for serving as a referral agent and case manager for the student and parent(s) in developing a network of social services with community agencies.

7. Responsible for serving as a resource team member and/or supervisor of attendance for the court when indicated in cases of children in need of service.

8. Responsible for providing outreach and follow-up for students referred because of attendance problems.

9. Responsible for participating on relevant teams and committees including the Child Study Team, PBIS Team and SBST Team.
10. Responsible for attending monthly department and staff meetings.

10. Responsible for compiling, summarizing, maintaining, and submitting data or other records of pupils referred for appraisal to appropriate school personnel.

11. Responsible for safeguarding the student's right to privacy against disclosure of information in the student's case history, or if disclosures of confidences during counseling within the framework of applicable laws and system-wide policies.

12. Responsible for being knowledgeable and conforming to state and system-wide regulations and guidelines on student records.

13. Responsible for assuming equal educational opportunity to all individuals regardless of race, color, gender, age, marital status, religion, national origin, homelessness, sexual orientation or disability.

14. Performance of other job-related duties as assigned.

1. Massachusetts LICSW licensure or LMHC. Will consider LCSW if eligible for LICSW.
2. Hold a valid Massachusetts Teaching License as a School Social Worker/School Adjustment Counselor All Levels.
3. Evidence of mastery of clinical competency and social case work techniques.
4. Ability to understand the dynamics of families from various cultural backgrounds.
5. Two years' experience working with school-age children and their families.
6. Familiarity in working with consultants, resource personnel, community groups, etc.
7. Ability to produce concise reports concerning relevant developmental, social, and medical information.
8. Group work experience.
9. Ability to deal with typical issues, such as eating disorders, pregnancy, alcohol and other drug abuse, sexual identity, family conflict, and physical, sexual and psychological abuse.
10. Willingness to visit students' homes throughout the Southbridge community.
11. Hold a valid Massachusetts SEI Endorsement OR Grade-level appropriate ESL License;


1. Ability to speak Spanish is preferred.
2. Minimum of 3 year's experience.
3. Experience providing cognitive behavioral therapy.
4. Training and experience in conflict resolution techniques.
5. Experience working in schools and/or social service agencies with clients from culturally and socio-economically diverse backgrounds.
6. Experience in providing consultation services, including workshops to professionals relative to child development, behavior modification, mental health disorders, trauma, adolescent issues, etc.
7. Demonstrated experience supporting students with special needs.
8. Demonstrated experience with second language acquisition.

Equal Opportunity Employer

Southbridge Public Schools is committed to maintaining a work and learning environment free from discrimination on the basis of race, color, creed, national origin, sex, gender identity, disability, religion, age, or sexual orientation.

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