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Full-time Administrative

Job Description


Reports to: Executive Director of Guidance and Counseling Pay Grade: 6

Dept. /School: Community Outreach Center - 856 Days: 227

Supervises: Org 856 and TPRS Coordinator

Primary Purpose: Provides leadership and supervision to improve district wide school attendance and increase ADA funding. To provide assistance for students and their families which will remove barriers to school readiness and attendance.


• Bachelors Degree

• Social worker certification
  • Knowledge of how to access community agencies and organizations
  • Proficiency in English and Spanish preferred
  • Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable
Major Responsibilities and Duties:

Works with principals, teachers, community agencies, social workers, attendance clerks, to implement a research based system of school level interventions to improve student attendance

Communicates with parents, students, various state and local agencies, and the media on procedures, policies, and laws relating to student attendance

Develop system to communicate attendance reporting monthly to school principals

Serve as the lead team member and cooperate with school psychologists, guidance counselors, nurses, principals, and classroom teachers in assessing the mental and emotional health of the individual student having school difficulty

Coordinate and provide support services for students and families in compliance with school attendance laws and regulations

Present a positive image of the school to parents and convey to them the school's genuine concern with the education, growth and development of each child

Maintain a professional awareness of regulations regarding child welfare and attendance by having a working knowledge of state laws, board policies, and administrative regulations

Perform community service outreach work as a culturally sensitive student-support person. Assist the school staff in rendering comprehensive public health services to students and parents

Assist in identifying students who are in need of health or social services

Assist students and parents in interpreting and completing necessary paperwork and applications forms for local, state, and federal services.

Assist students with transportation needs

Serve as a supervisor to the Community Outreach Center team

Serve as district McKinney Vento Homeless Liaison and Foster Care Liaison

Oversee the Drop Out Recovery Labs at the COC

Oversee grants and finances within budget number 856

Supervise Teen Parent Related Services Coordinator

Perform any other duties and tasks assigned

Working Conditions:

Mental Demands/Physical Demands/Environmental Factors:

Maintain emotional control under stress. Frequent districtwide and statewide travel; occasional prolonged or irregular hours.

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