Jan 13, 2024

STEM Teacher - Special Education

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  • Watertown, MA, USA
Full-time Teaching

Job Description

Join our collaborative team of educators as our STEM focused Special Education Teacher. As our STEM Teacher, you will provide instructional services for students with sensory impairments and multiple disabilities based on individual needs. You will prepare and implement appropriate educational goals for each student while adapting core curriculum plans and providing a variety of adapted materials and aids as appropriate for each student. You will monitor individual student progress through ongoing assessment and revise instructional approach and techniques as appropriate. Essential Duties, Responsibilities and Expectations including the following. Achieves Growth and Is Active Professionally Updates and expands knowledge Uses supervision constructively for professional growth Open to new ideas, changing methodology, and instructional tools Displays Competence in Subject Matter/Content/Area of Expertise Demonstrates understanding of STEM core curriculum Demonstrates knowledge of expanded core curriculum Develops Individualized Learner Programs Determines present levels of performance by reviewing background information and conducting informal and formal assessments Develops and prioritizes measurable objectives for learners Plans short term and long term instruction & strategies to address individual objectives Establishes Learning Environment and Provides Instruction Establishes and maintains structures, rules, and procedures for learners Sets and maintains high expectations and standards of behavior Establishes and adapts the environment to make it conducive to learning; Establishes good rapport and maintains respectful relationships with learners; Adapts lessons for individuals with diverse needs and various backgrounds Engages learners by using a variety of approaches and motivating strategies to convey knowledge and develop skills while maximizing instructional/clinical time Provides positive reinforcement and constructive feedback Measures Individual Learner Progress Develops performance measures and informs learners of the criteria for success Evaluates learner performance, keeps records, and reports progress in learning Revises instructional plans based on ongoing observation/evaluation information Enhances Interpersonal Relationships Helps create positive, inclusive interpersonal relationships; Shows respect for students, colleagues, administrators, family members, and others; Communicates well with, supports, advises, and advocates for learners; Collaborates, consults with, and maintains effective communication, and when indicated, provides training to staff at all levels as well as family members Listens well and contributes positively to group decisions. Maintains a Healthy and Safe Environment Maintains a safe environment and handles emergencies Maintains a clean, neat, inviting, and well designed learning environment Ensures learners' medical needs are met by altering teaching/clinical strategies and following protocols To perform other related duties and tasks as assigned. Education Master's degree in special education, or a relevant field; Able to obtain Teacher of the Visually Impaired licensure within 3 years of employment First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Crisis Prevention and Physical Intervention (CPPI) (Training provided on campus) Ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing. Preference will be given to candidate with: Master's Degree in Vision Studies, TVI. Experience working with students with visual impairments and students who have multiple disabilities. Education, licensure or experience teaching Math or Science Physical Demands Generally, the essential functions performed are typical in a school environment and involves work with Special Needs students requiring lifting or exertion of up to 50 lbs. of force occasionally.

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