Jan 13, 2024

Supervisor of Nurses

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  • New Bedford, MA, USA
Full-time Administrative

Job Description

SUPERVISOR OF NURSES QUALIFICATIONS: 1.Massachusetts certification as a Supervisor/Director. 2.Valid License to practice as a Registered Nurse in Massachusetts 3.Masters' Degree 4.Bachelor of Science in Nursing required. 5.Minimum of three years of experience in school nursing one of which is in a management position. 6.Valid certification in cardio- pulmonary resuscitation. REPORTS TO: Manager of Health Services JOB GOAL: The Supervisor of Nurses manages the total school nursing program, providing nursing leadership within the school system. Responsible for coordination of the clinical aspects of the comprehensive school heath program, collaborating with other members of the health services and health education team. PERFORMANCE RESPONSIBILITES: 1.Identifies health needs of the student population, using available demographic, health and school system data, through surveys, questionnaires and other tools for obtaining information. 2.Orients and assigns qualified personnel to implement the school health program. 3.Implements communication system which promotes participatory management. 4.Participates in the development of an interdisciplinary plan for each building to ensure that students in need of services are identified in a timely manner and appropriate intervention is initiated, 5.Develops and implements written policies and procedures for the clinical services and programs addressing health issues, e.g., immunizations, medication, administration, services for children with special health care needs, school - wide injury prevention 6.programs, special programs such as groups addressing eating disorders, smoking cessation, and violence prevention. 7. Develops and implements documentation systems at both the individual student level and the programmatic level. 8.Provides clinical consultation to the health education staff, physical educators and other administrative and teaching staff. 9.Participates in interdisciplinary teams such as the crisis team, child abuse team etc. to ensure that integrated systems are in place which address the comprehensive health needs of the student population. 10.Carries out communicable disease prevention and infection control based on current guidelines for universal precautions, prevention of blood borne pathogens exposure and hazardous medical waste disposal. 11.Ensures that there is an emergency care plan in place which is communicated to all staff and is closely coordinated with community emergency care procedures. 12.Collaborates with other school administrators and teachers, promotes a physically and psychologically healthy school environment. 13.Promotes positive linkages and referral mechanisms to community providers for a range of services dealing with child and adolescent health. 14.Seeks opportunities to interpret the health needs of school age children and adolescents. 15.Assists in the preparation and administration of health services budget; seeks opportunities to apply for outside funding for the school health service program. 16.Compiles statistical reports as required by the school system, and state agencies. 17.Evaluates nursing and other health service staff. 18.Reviews changing trends in health needs and the outcomes of programs to determine need for revision of goals and objectives. 19.Implements an ongoing continuing education program for staff. 20.Encourages staff to participate in pertinent conferences and workshops addressing a range of school health issues. 21.Provides ongoing formal and informal feedback to staff about their progress in achieving the goals of the program, encouraging their continued educational and professional development. 22.Collaborates with local nursing education institutions, e.g., provides student practice in the school health programs, guest lectures, participates in nursing research; seeks opportunities to give consultation on specific issues of school age children and adolescents. 23.Review accident reports. 24.Participate in the interviews for new nurses. 25.All other related duties as assigned. TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: In accordance with the provisions of the N.B.E.A., Unit B Contract, The New Bedford Public Schools do not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, race, color, national origin, religion, disability or sexual orientation,

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