Jan 13, 2024


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Full-time School Support

Job Description

GENERAL DUTIES: - Does general cleaning of classrooms, corridors, toilets and other areas. Work areas will be assigned by the Head Custodian. - Works under the supervision of Head Custodian - Paid Hourly - Calendar Year Position SPECIFIC DUTIES: 1. Empties trash containers 2. Dry mops all classrooms and areas assigned 3. Vacuums throw rugs by entrance ways 4. Cleans fixtures in all male lavatories; Wet mops floors 5. Vacuums rugs 6. Cleans all window ledges, chalkboard chalk trays, and any other dust collecting surfaces 7. Does other custodial related tasks from time to time as designated by Head Custodian 8. Assists with corridor stripping and waxing when conducted 9. Mops or wet towels corridors on a daily basis. 10. Removes black marks from corridors 11. Removes all graffiti when discovered 12. Ensures all windows are secured and locks door on departure from each area 13. Washes classroom door and corridor windows daily as needed 14. Wet mops corridor floor daily 15. Wet mops Medical & Health suite with disinfectant daily 16. Dust and wet mop cafeteria and kitchen daily, as directed by Head Custodian 17. Lifts, moves, and rearranges school furniture as needed for room cleaning and scheduled events. (Some heavy and repetitive lifting involved) 18. Snow removal 19. Other duties as assigned by Head Custodian/Principal

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