Jan 13, 2024

Elementary School Teacher

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  • Onsted, MI 49265, USA
Full-time Teaching

Job Description


Must have an elementary or secondary provisional or permanent certificate. Each teacher will file a copy of all college grades with the board of education.

REPORTS TO: Building Principal


The primary responsibility of each teacher will be the instruction and evaluation of the students' progress under his/her direction. Each teacher shall keep records (office, student, personal) as necessary for the functioning of the school. Each teacher shall keep the teaching area neat and in good order. Each teacher shall keep all equipment under his/her charge in good condition. Each teacher shall file reports of damage to buildings and/or equipment with the principal. Each teacher shall assess the needs in his/her teaching area through the budget process with the principal. Each teacher shall see that all rooms, equipment, etc. are left in order upon leaving for the day. Example: Lights and all electrical equipment are turned off, doors locked. Each teacher shall work towards the improvement of school-community relations. Each teacher shall report student problems to the building principal. Each teacher shall be available to supervise student activities. Each teacher shall work as a curriculum consultant for the district. Each teacher may be responsible for other duties as assigned by the Board of Education, principal or superintendent.
The employee shall remain free of any alcohol or non-prescribed controlled substance abuse in the workplace throughout his/her employment in the District.


As per teacher master contract.

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