Jan 13, 2024

4th Grade Teacher

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  • Strong, AR, USA
Full-time Teaching

Job Description

? Employavarietyofinstructionalaidsandtechnologicalresourcesaswellasmethodsandmaterialsthatwill provideforthecreativeteachingtoreachthewholechild.. *Lesson plansincompliancewiththeexpectationoutlinedbytheadministration. ? Provideperiodicupdatestoparents/guardiansaboutstudentprogressviabothwrittenreportsandin-person conferences. ? Maintainregularandpromptattendanceandgraderecords. ? Create a positive and safe learning environment for all students . ? Utilizeeffectiveandprofessionaloralandwrittencommunicationskills. ? Maintain professional development as a licensed educator. ? Attend all school staff meetings and scheduled professional developmentsessions and workshops. ? Other duties as assigned by the Prinicipal. Please send resume to [email protected] Applications can be found at www.strong.k12.ar.us Under the employment tab.

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