Jan 13, 2024

1.0FTE Hardy Paraprofessional SY23-24

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  • Wellesley, MA, USA
Full-time Education

Job Description

Title: Paraprofessional

  • Bachelors Degree preferred
  • Demonstrated aptitude for work to be performed
  • Successful completion of a Criminal Record Check (C.O.R.I.), Sexual Offender Record Check (S.O.R.I) and fingerprints
  • Passion for working with children/students
  • Basic knowledge of child growth and development
  • Knowledge of basic learning strategies
  • Knowledge of basic behavioral strategies

Evaluated by: Special Education Department Head or Designee

Job Goal: To assist professional staff in the delivery of core curriculum by using unique knowledge, skills or training to support whole class instruction, behavior management, social facilitation and/or to deliver specialized instruction individually or to a small group of identified students.

Work Year: In accordance with the Wellesley Educator Association - Unit C

Salary/Benefits: In accordance with the Wellesley Educator Association - Unit C

Performance Responsibilities:
  • Facilitate the integration of students requiring unique, specially designed to address increased independence in the classroom setting.
  • Use specific skills, knowledge and training to enhance instructional strategies provided to the student.
  • Collaborate and consult with teachers, specialists, special educators and building administration on the planning and implementation of instruction.
  • Accommodate instructional and assessment materials to meet the needs of individual students, as prescribed by IEPs under the direction of special education teacher(s).
  • Data collection and monitoring of individual student progress through prescribed systems under the direction of special education teachers, specialists and general education teachers.
  • Implement structures and standards for behavior on an individual, small group and whole class level.
  • Familiarity with WPS learning goals and curriculum under the direction of professional staff.
  • Assist with the specific student supports, either as individual or small group, with guidance from teaching staff in the implementation of IEP goals and benchmarks and related behavior plans.
  • Provide student support services in all environments of the school setting under guidance of special education department head, related service providers, academic and behavior interventionists, and building principal (classroom, recess, lunch, bus transition, arrival).
  • Support the academic program (reteaching, reinforcing, reviewing, assessing, scribing, note taking, data collection); and behavioral program (data collection, cuing, providing motor breaks, implement behavior plans).
  • Provide regular feedback to the special education department head on the progress and challenges experienced by assigned students in addressing their IEP goals.
  • Work in conjunction with special education teacher and/or classroom teacher to support learning experiences in the classroom, focusing first on the identified students with IEPs and then for the broader group of students. The goal is to be actively engaged in the learning environment, providing support for learners.
  • Assist in implementing the school wide goals for maintaining a safe environment.
  • Adapt to varying needs of students with special education services.
  • Perform other related tasks or duties at the discretion of the department head or designee and/or principal.
  • Participate in in-service training and meetings as well as training programs specific to the students being served.
  • Facilitate socialization among students.
  • Foster independence in students on IEPs by assisting them in the routines of school life.
  • As appropriate, provide coverage for special education staff and general classroom teachers so that they may participate in special education related activities.

Essential Functions of the Job:

Must possess the ability to:
  • Integrate into the classroom setting, working under the direction of the classroom teacher and/or special education department head to support student engagement.
  • Adapt and acquire new skills and knowledge and use them consistently to support student engagement with learning activities, social interactions, and the school day.
  • Maintain flexibility in day-to-day priorities set to reflect changing student needs
  • Work in multiple classrooms or environments during the school day.
  • Able to move with student from one school environment to another
  • Physical agility and strength, Safety Care Training for the de-escalation and physical restraint training
  • Full time preferred; part time available

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