Jan 13, 2024

Paraeducator, Special Education Adaptive Support Center (ASC) - KL2330

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  • Kent, WA, USA
Full-time School Support

Job Description

This posting has been reopened and will be open until filled. If you have already applied, you do not need to submit another application.

This position is 6.5 hours per day, 9 months per year with pay spread over 12 months. There are two (2) positions available under this posting.

Kentlake High School, which is located in the Sawyer Woods/Covington area, is an inviting, highly personalized "learning community" that supports diverse educational programs and activities in a setting conducive to successful teamwork. Kentlake is designed to accommodate a wide range of educational programs, services, and activities needed to ensure each student's success in school and preparation for adult life. The school program integrates academic, career, and special needs with an emphasis on "all students are career bound." Students and staff members are provided access and ease of use of diverse technologies that support teaching and learning to prepare students for future changes in educational requirements and needs.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: This 9 month position is part of the KAP bargaining unit.

ASSIGNMENT: The purpose of the Adaptive Support Center classroom is to provide specially designed instruction emphasizing pre-academics, communication, social, motor, and daily living skills for students with low moderate to severe/profound developmental delays who require more intensive focus on basic skills than is available within the Support Center program. Paraeducators assist the teacher(s) in various special education programs. The paraeducator's duties include small group instruction, one-on-one instruction, preparing materials for a lesson, correcting papers, teaming, collaboration between regular and special education staff and assisting students with individual learning and health needs. Position may require staff to provide individual student support as determined by the building administrator and/or classroom teacher.

AA degree, 72 quarter-hour college credits, OR ParaPro Assessment with a score of 455 or higher. (Transcripts or proof of parapro score must on file to be considered for an interview.)
Proof of High School completion. Copy of diploma or transcripts must be on file at start of employment. College transcripts that specifically state completion of high school will be accepted in lieu of high school diploma. Ability and willingness to provide medical or health services such as catheterization, diapering, toileting, feeding, tube feeding and assisting students with other activities involving self-care, which may be required. Ability to lift and transfer students in and out of wheelchairs, if needed. Physically strong enough to assist with restraint, lifting, and transferring students to a safe place. Ability to exercise sound, independent judgment, including handling of confidential matters. Completion of state required training upon hire.
Please note: If you do not meet the required qualifications, your name will be screened out from the list of qualified candidates.

Experience working with students with special needs/high needs at the school level. Experience working with high needs students. Must not be afraid of students with behavior disorders. Crisis Intervention Training recommended. Must not be insulted by students swearing and using inappropriate language. Demonstrated ability to work with students who are in an at-risk situation. Ability to communicate in another language. Ability to exhibit multicultural and ethnic understanding and sensitivity with the ability to communicate effectively with all cultural groups in the school community. Experience working with a diverse student population and the specific school demographics. Ability to be dependable, including good habits in attendance and punctuality. Must have strong communication skills. Must have strong interpersonal skills working with a team of adults. Must develop healthy, respectful, and positive relationships with students, parents, and staff. Must be able to take initiative to do what needs to be done without being told. Must be enthusiastic, positive and be a team member and able to demonstrate flexibility working with students, parents, and staff. Must maintain positive learning environment and have ability to relate to all students, parents, and colleagues. Desired characteristics are: flexibility; ability to organize ideas, time and materials to accomplish goals; enthusiasm; ability to express ideas clearly and understand concepts being discussed; ability to learn new ideas and skills; ability and willingness to develop favorable relationships with students; and willingness to model behavior deemed appropriate by the school district and the community.

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