Jan 13, 2024

(Anticipated) School Psychologist Specialist - Special Services

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Full-time School Support

Job Description

(Anticipated) School Psychologist Specialist - Special Services As a School Psychologist Specialist, you will deliver measurable results in providing psycho-educational evaluations for students referred to special education and those students in special education at RSU 21. Qualifications: Love what you do and assist students in special education programs to be the best that they can be. A Master's Degree is required and must be eligible to be certified as a School Psychologist in Maine (093), NASP certification or equivalent. Successful experience conducting psycho-educational assessments, as well as working with special needs students including those with Autism, functional/developmental, and behavioral/emotional needs. Applicants should also have experience with Applied Behavior Analysis. Reports To: Director of Special Services Responsibilities: Student Centered Complete cognitive and behavioral, functional/adaptive, and educational assessments for students who are referred to special education or who need to be re-evaluated as part of the triennial review process or a parent/staff request. Conduct risk assessments or screenings for students exhibiting behaviors covered by the Violence Policy. Communication Attend weekly team meetings with appropriate staff to coordinate the assessment process for students needing evaluation. Meet and consult with parents on test results and related student issues. Integrate data gathered by school specialists into an integrated test report. Consult with outside evaluators and/or mental health professionals as part of the diagnostic process with parent permission. Conduct functional behavioral assessments of students exhibiting challenging behaviors. Provide ongoing training to district staff in areas of identified need. Provide consultation services to special and regular education staff as needed. Provide short-term counseling to parents in behavioral management techniques. Assist staff with ongoing identification of effective behavioral strategies for students exhibiting challenging behaviors who are multi-disabled, non-verbal and/or autistic. Organized Approach Attend the Special Services Department and building meetings and serve on committees as appropriate. Assist IEP Teams and Administration with manifestation determinations in disciplinary procedures. Assist special education staff in the development of positive behavior intervention plans/provide ongoing consultation on the effectiveness of the plans. Maintain records of behavioral problems and interventions. Operational Excellence Keep current in the field of special education assessment and research and pertinent laws and regulations. Perform classroom observations as requested. Assist regular education staff in the development of behavior plans; provide ongoing consultation on the effectiveness of the plans. Attend IEP team and case management meetings when needed to provide consultation of student educational and behavioral needs. Develop re-entry plans for students transitioning to the district from an outside placement, hospitalization, or the Maine Youth Center. Meet with building administrators on a regular basis to review student/building needs regarding behavioral problems. Consult with outside agencies, therapists, and/or consultants involved with students with behavioral challenges. Provide consultation and support to special education self-contained programs and assist with appropriate settings for each, and to assist in maintaining consistency in programming in each school. Assume such other duties and responsibilities as may be assigned by the Special Education Director. Competencies: Persuasion: you present ideas in ways that are enlightening but approachable, and can defend key concepts when challenged; you're able to bring others onboard with new strategies and approaches Patience: you listen to the concerns of the public with an open mind and dedicated ear; you focus on shared best intentions rather than getting derailed by competing perspectives Embrace diversity: you value a diversity of perspectives, styles and beliefs; you understand the difference between tolerance and inclusion Knowing what's right: you keep the big picture in mind rather than over-valuing detail or process that threatens big picture goals, mission, or vision; when faced with a dilemma you can combine strong instincts with respect for institutional process to do the right thing Role model: you lead by example and a strong moral code about how to do right by students and staff; students and staff admire your integrity, follow your example and learn from your approach and decision-making (which you make transparent) Innovator: you don't do things because it's how they've always been done; you look for new, more effective and innovative solutions when faced with mediocre or plateauing results Reasonable Accommodations: RSU 21 will provide accommodations to an individual with a disability, as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) or applicable law, who has made the district aware of their disability, unless doing so would cause an undue hardship to the district. Terms of Employment: Salary and work year to be established by the Board. This is an anticipated position. Evaluation: Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with provisions of the Board's policy on Evaluation of Professional Personnel.

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