Jan 13, 2024

Substitute Teachers (HIRING NOW FOR ALL SCHOOLS)

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Part-time Education

Job Description

Classroom Teacher: Substitute Teacher

Location: District Wide

Reports To: School Principal

Salary Range: WBR Substitute Pay Rate

Substitute Teacher : RESPONSIBILITIES

The following information shows the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities that make up the functions of substitute teachers in schools:
  • Direct the learning procedure in the direction of accomplishing curriculum objectives and goals as implied in the lesson plans, lessons or units assigned
  • Make use of instructional procedures and materials which are most suitable for attaining lesson goals
  • Take attendance according to the procedures of the school
  • Ensure an orderly and tidy classroom
  • Maintain classroom management and normal classroom routines
  • Oversee students outside the classroom including in the hallways and cafeteria etc.
  • Adhere to all procedures, guidelines, and policies followed by regular teachers in line with recommended teaching procedures
  • Ensure a sustainable relationship with parents, students, school personnel and members of the public by communicating in a confidential, polite, professional and refined manner
  • Compile a report for the teacher for when he/she returns
Requirements: Knowledge, Skills and Abilities for the Substitute Teacher

The following are the skills, abilities, and other qualifications required to perform the role of a substitute teacher successfully:
  • Prior experience in working with students/children as a substitute teacher or in another capacity
  • Basic certificate/diploma from an authorized high school
  • Ability to comply with written and or oral instructions
  • Ability to create an efficient working relationship with other personnel
  • Proficiency in maintaining efficient classroom management skills
  • Willingness to stand for most hours of the day
  • Relationship-building skills/Establishes good rapport with students on a daily basis
  • Full capability to give instructions while the regular teacher is absent
  • Dependable, reliable, dedicated, professional


Basic certificate/diploma from an authorized high school

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