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Middle School English Teacher

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  • Port Allen, LA 70767, USA
Full-time Teaching

Job Description

Classroom Teacher: Regular/Special Education, or Title I

Location:Site Level School

Reports To: School Principal

FLSA Status:Exempt

Salary Range: Per WBR Salary Schedule

Terms of Employment: School Principal

Domains and Components will be used for teacher evaluation in conjunction with measures of student growth. Measures of student growth will be aligned with West Baton Rouge Parish School System's accountability measures as outlined in the Louisiana Accountability System, ACT 54 and Bulletin: 130.


To plan and implement a program which creates an environment where students can learn and develop optimally. To lead students placed under their charge toward the fulfillment of their potential for intellectual, emotional, and psychological growth and maturation. The teacher shall be responsible for effective management of the class/classes or program(s) to which he/she has been assigned. The teacher shall implement an educational program responsive to student needs according to state and local policy.


Domain 1: Planning and Preparation (1C) - Setting Instruction Outcomes
  • The teacher values, sequences and aligns curriculum enabling students to build their understanding of important ideas from concept to concept.
  • The teacher designs and structures lessons so that learner outcomes are at an appropriate cognitive level.
  • The teacher writes and plans multi-disciplinary outcomes for student learning, not student activity.
  • The teacher differentiates outcomes and instruction for students of varied abilities.
  • The teacher creates and/or uses a variety of assessment tools that are curriculum-aligned and challenging.
Domain 2: The Classroom Environment (2C) - Managing Classroom Procedures
  • The teacher helps students to develop skills to work purposefully and cooperatively in groups.
  • The teacher facilitates lessons that engage students in different types of activities-large groups, small groups and independent work.
  • The teacher ensures smooth functioning of all routines and maximizes instructional time.
Domain 3: Instruction (3B) - Questioning and Discussion Techniques
  • The teacher develops and presents questions that cause students to think and reflect; resulting in a deeper understanding of the topic.
  • The teacher promotes learning through discussion.
  • The teacher uses a range of techniques to ensure that all students contribute to the discussion and enlists the assistance of students to ensure the outcome.
Domain 4: Instruction (3C) Engaging Students in Learning
  • The teacher facilitates activities and assignments that promote learning and are aligned with the goals of the lesson.
  • The teacher groups students for instruction in a variety of ways using factors such as similar backgrounds, ability levels, as well as random grouping.
  • The teacher selects instructional materials suited to engaging students in understanding and learning at a deeper level.
  • The teacher delivers lessons that are appropriately structured and paced.
Domain 5: Instruction (3D) - Using Assessment in Instruction
  • The teacher aligns assessment to the curriculum.
  • The teacher informs students of the criteria for assignment.
  • The teacher monitors student learning using a variety of techniques.
  • The teacher provides valuable feedback in a timely, constructive and substantive manner.
  • The teacher promotes student self-assessment and student self monitoring of their progress.
Domain 6: The Classroom Environment (2A) - Managing Classroom Procedures
  • The teacher creates an environment of rapport and respect in the classroom through positive and encouraging interaction with students.
  • The teacher models and teaches students how to engage in respectful interactions with one another and acknowledges respectful interactions among students.
  • The teacher contributes to achieving the school system's mission, engages in self-reflection and growth opportunities, and creates and sustains partnerships with families, colleagues and communities.
  • The teacher engages in self-reflection and growth opportunities to support high levels of learning for all students.
  • The teacher collaborates and communicates effectively with families, colleagues, and the community to promote students' academic achievement and to accomplish the school's mission.
  • The teacher shall exhibit competency in enthusiasm and optimism; punctuality, dependability and flexibility; willingness to implement recommendations, discreet handling of confidential information, and an unbiased attitude regarding race, sex, creed, religion, and/or disability.
  • Any and all other duties as assigned by the School Principal.

  • Possess a minimum of a Bachelors degree from an accredited college/university.
  • Must hold a valid Louisiana Teacher Certificate.
  • Additional criteria may be established by the Board.

Work Environment: The teacher will work in a climate-controlled environment adhering to the Board energy policy. The length of the workday consists of teacher hours at the assigned school and may vary as the result of meetings, evening activities, or emergencies.

Communication Skills: The teacher must be able to effectively communicate in English both orally and in writing. Must have the ability to accurately give and receive information via telecommunication devices and must be able to communicate successfully with students, teachers, parents, school personnel, and the general community.

Equipment Used: The teacher must be able to effective operate a telephone, cell phone, fax machine, scanner, audio-visual equipment, computers, computer hardware/software, copy machine, laminator, calculator, and other appropriate machines.

Physical and Mental Involvement: The teacher should be able to perform these physical activities: standing, walking, reaching, bending, and lifting 10 pounds unassisted. The teacher must be able to plan and implement appropriate educational programs for staff. Must be able to understand and interpret written and verbal instructions. Must keep accurate and up-to-date records. Must be able to comply with state and parish regulations.

Human Relations: Teacher must be able to work cooperatively with district personnel and the community. Must be able to respond appropriately to supervision and accept commendations and recommendations. Must demonstrate sensitivity/understanding in interpersonal relations with persons of diverse cultures/backgrounds.


Job descriptions are designed and intended only to summarize the essential duties, responsibilities, qualifications, and requirements for the purpose of clarifying the general nature and scope of a position's role as part of the overall organization. Job descriptions do not list all tasks an employee might be expected to perform - and they do not limit the right or the employer/supervisor to assign additional tasks or otherwise to modify duties to be performed even if seemingly unrelated to the basic job, Every employee has a duty to perform all assigned tasks. An employee who is assigned a duty or task believed to be unlawful should report the assignment to the Associate Superintendent for Human Resources/Staff Development. It should also be noted the order of duties/responsibilities as listed in the job description is not designed nor intended to rank the duties in any order of importance relative to each other.

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