Jan 13, 2024

Paraprofessional - Special Education Visually Impaired

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Full-time School Support

Job Description

PRIMARY FUNCTION: This position is responsible for providing educational support and

personal assistance for students with special needs under the direction of the teacher.

REPORTS TO: Principal



Education Level: High school diploma
Preferred: Associate's degree
Experience, Skill, and Certification:
  • Must meet Highly Qualified criteria for state licensure of either: -
  • 2 years of college course credits; - Associate's degree; or - Passing grade on the state approved assessment.
  • Demonstrable ability to reinforce material initially introduced by the teacher and to guide students with enrichment, remedial, and independent work as set up by the teacher
  • Knowledge of general office computer software applications, as well as use of the internet
  • Appropriate oral and written communications skills with students, parents, and co-workers
  • Must have the physical ability, dexterity, endurance, and temperament to work with students having special needs
  • NOTE: For certain student populations, position may require specialized training (SID/PID, autism); the ability to lift and physically manage students who may weigh over 100 pounds; the use of specialized equipment; the ability to assist with or perform personal activities such as feeding, toileting and diapering; or other special abilities. If necessary, these will be discussed in the interview. Preferred
  • Experience with the set up and operation of instructional equipment and materials
  • Experience in managing the behavior of children
  • Experience with children with special needs
Assists with instruction for assigned students in support of, and under the direction of, the teacher. Prepares activities under the guidance of the Classroom Teacher including preparation of bulletin boards, displays, exhibits, and related classroom and school displays Participates in in-service training programs. Assists Classroom Teacher with non-instructional duties such as: breakfast/snack/lunchtime, bathroom, and/or clothing routines, and procedures to ensure the supervision andsafety of students. Assists individuals and/or small groups of students in various educational settings including the media center, computer lab, and community-based instructional settings. Assists with clerical duties under the direction of the Classroom Teacher or Principal. Assists with instruction in the physical education program as necessary. Performs other duties as necessary for the effectiveness of the organization. Performs other duties as necessary for the effectiveness of the organization and the safety of students and staff.

Incumbents will be considered "at will." Appropriate pay will be determined based on the Grade

as determined by Human Resources and allowable experience. The work calendar will be the

classified 200 day schedule.


A responsibility is considered to be "non-essential" (for the purposes of compliance with the

Americans with Disabilities Act) if:
  • it is shared between multiple incumbents in the job; or
  • it could be performed by an employee in another job within the workgroup.
Note the responsibility number from the list in the "Duties and Responsibilities" section for those responsibilities that could be considered "non-essential" based on this definition.

Certain limited aspects of General Duties and Responsibilities items referenced in Section 1 (b) and (d) might be considered "non-essential" in a specific situation. Any request for

accommodation must be reviewed on an "individual case" basis.


Most jobs in the District have physical and sensory demands that can be described by one of the two categories noted below. For jobs that require more physical or sensory effort, please list the requirements in this section. The category applicable for this position is listed below.

OFFICE Employees in this category are normally exposed to a typical environment. The

employee has some control over the length of time sitting, standing, or ambulating. There are

occasions that require the lifting or pulling of equipment or supplies, as well as bending,

stooping, or stretching. There is frequent use of computers, telephone, and other standard office equipment, which includes reading, listening, writing, or speaking. There are few exceptional physical or sensory demands.

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