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Technology Specialist

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  • Hanover, NH, USA
Full-time School Support

Job Description

The technical specialist for Hanover High School manages all tasks related to Apple hardware and software. This includes acquisition, maintenance, deployment, and decommissioning. This person needs to maintain an accurate inventory, assist with related peripherals, troubleshoot, repair, and manage devices. The specialist must maintain correct user and device settings in the MDM. The technical specialist also maintains accounts in the Adobe admin console and is the first point of contact for printing issues.

This is a year-round in-person position which provides technical service to the users of Hanover High School. The Technical Specialist works a 40-hour week, arriving by 7:30 am and leaving by 3:30 with a half-hour lunch break.

Hourly range $26.26 - $30.29 per hour depending on experience. Position starts immediately, open until filled.

Submit applications at https://sau70.tedk12.com/hire/ViewJob.aspx?JobID=497


Job Description Approved By: SAU 70

Date: 5/9/2018

General Purpose:

Work with the Technology Department to maintain all hardware and software at the school and occasionally help with district projects. Responsible for setup and deployment of devices, maintenance of several web 2.0 subscriptions and support of school AV needs.

Reports to:

School Technology Coordinator/Principal




Except as specifically noted, the following functions are considered essential to this position:
  • Assist teachers with computer-related instruction and technical setup during instructional time
  • Perform troubleshooting of hardware and software
  • Respond to user requests & track support cases via an electronic trouble ticket system
  • Provide first-level user support via ticket system, email, phone, and appropriate remote management tools
  • Follow procedures and databases regarding:
    • Adding and removing students and staff from all IT systems (Google Apps, Infinite Visions, cloud services, school file servers, etc.)
    • Assisting with local data backup and restore
  • Track software licensing information and assist with maintaining legal compliance with software license requirements
  • Maintain a hardware inventory (lending ledgers and equipment deployment data for all computing equipment within the school)
  • Contribute to a technical documentation "knowledge base" of internal procedures and policies
  • Assist with hardware repair, maintenance, and contracting with outside vendors
  • Assist with proper disposal of hardware and peripherals when appropriate
  • Follow and maintain mass-installation procedures for labs and laptops
  • Work with building staff to arrange presentations/seminars/training sessions related to current technology topics
  • Other duties as assigned by Technology Coordinator/Principal
This general outline illustrates the type of work, which characterizes the Job Classification. It is not an all-encompassing statement of the specific duties, responsibilities and qualifications of individual positions assigned to the classification.

  • Performance of duty responsibilities will be reviewed annually by the Technology Integrator and building Principal

  • Full-Time
  • Year-Round
  • Non-Exempt


Education and Experience:
  • Associates Degree or industry-standard technical certification
  • Minimum of 3-5 years experience in a technology support environment
Necessary Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
  • Solid experience installing and working with a variety of operating systems, especially OS X, iOS, and the Google Apps for Education Suite
  • Proficiency with major office productivity software e.g. Excel, Google Apps for Education
  • Basic understanding of data networks and troubleshooting connectivity problems
  • A strong desire to learn and promote new technologies and applications
  • Ability to understand and carry out oral and written instruction
  • Ability to maintain cooperative working relationships with students, staff, and the community
  • Strong people skills __ ability to instruct users across a wide spectrum of skill levels
  • Respect for confidentiality of student and staff records and data
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision
  • Ability to work with a team
  • Strong attention to detail
Experience Preferred, but not required:
  • Experience with iOS device configuration and management
  • Experience with Mac OS X Server user account administration (e.g. OpenDirectory, WorkGroup Manager)
  • Experience with web development and Adobe Photoshop
  • Experience with technical theatre equipment including lighting and sound
  • Experience organizing student help desk or similar extracurricular offerings
  • Macintosh Help Desk certification
  • NH Teacher Certification

  • None required


Primary Physical Requirements:

(Not, Rarely, Occasionally, or Frequently Required)

1. Lift up to 10 lbs:

Frequently required

2. Lift 11 to 25 lbs:

Occasionally required

3. Lift 25 to 50 lbs:

Rarely required

4. Lift over 50 lbs:

Not required

5. Carry up to 10 lbs:

Frequently required

6. Carry 11 to 25 lbs:

Rarely required

7. Carry 26 to 50 lbs:

Not required

8. Carry over 50 lbs:

Not required

9. Reach above shoulder height:

Occasionally required

10. Reach at shoulder height:

Occasionally required

11. Reach below shoulder height:

Occasionally required

12. Push/Pull:

Frequently required

Hand Manipulation:

(Not, Rarely, Occasionally, or Frequently Required)

1. Keyboarding:

Frequently required

2. Gross Manipulation:

Frequently required

3. Fine Manipulation:

Frequently required

Other Physical Consideration:

(Not, Rarely, Occasionally, or Frequently Required)

1. Twisting:

Occasionally required

2. Bending:

Occasionally required

3. Crawling:

Occasionally required

4. Squatting:

Occasionally required

5. Kneeling:

Occasionally required

6. Crouching:

Occasionally required

7. Climbing:

Occasionally required

8. Balancing:

Rarely required

During the Work Day, Employee is Required to:

1. Sit:

up to 3 consecutive hours

2. Stand:

up to 3 consecutive hours

3. Walk:

up to 1 consecutive hour

Cognitive and Sensory Requirement(s):

Effectively exchange ideas and receive information and instructions, and respond to inquiries: Communicate with others; Observe students and staff to ensure safety

Work Environment: Inside: up to 100%

Outside: up to 20%

Work Surface(s): Office Desk, Office Chair

Carpeted floor, tile floor

Other Training, Skills and Experience Requirements:

Ability to work with staff, students, parents, and the community

Other Considerations and Requirements:

The employee is occasionally required to do some lifting. Employee is typically able to sit and stand as needed.

Applicants will be subjected to a criminal background check as required by state law.

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