Jan 13, 2024

Soccer Coach - Varsity - Girls

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Athletics & Activities

Job Description

DO NOT APPLY DIRECTLY THROUGH SCHOOL SPRING Application:- Apply via directions below: Submit a resume and cover letter via email to [email protected] Description:This is an extra-curricular position designed to teach (fundamentals, skills, and rules), monitor progress of players and supervise participants so that the well-being of players and the school is preserved. This is a one-year position. Responsibilities and Duties: 1.Reports to the Director of Athletics and Student Activities. 2.Begin conducting tryouts and pre-season practice according to the starting date outlined by the MIAA blue book. 3.Screen, select, organize and prepare players for competition. 4.Conduct team practices regularly. Team will participate in practices/games at least five times per week. 5.Coach the team at every game, as required, throughout the season. 6.Appoint and supervise a student manager to maintain statistics, records, and rosters. 7.Coordinate with the Director of Athletics and Student Activities the efficient distribution and return of equipment, uniforms and supplies. 8.Insure that players have approval to play by a medical physician, parents and the school administration. Evidence of being covered by some form of student accident insurance shall be required from each player. 9.Promote by example: loyalty, leadership, dedication, physical conditioning, sportsmanship, cooperation, playing skill and personal responsibility. 10.Monitor the well being of players and safeguard school facilities and property; this including supervision of players at practices, games, while on transportation vehicles and until all players are known to have departed for their homes. 11.Attend pre-season coaching meeting scheduled by the Director of Athletics and Student Activities. 12.Attend pre-season coaching meeting scheduled by Colonial Athletic League. 13.Plan and conduct a parent information meeting prior to the beginning of the season. 14.Attend end-of-season all-star meeting conducted by Colonial Athletic League. 15.Attend Colonial Athletic League all-star game or any other activity in which player is selected to play. 16.Attend end-of-season sports awards ceremony. 17.Coordinate and cooperate with the Director of Athletics and Student Activities in matters that pertain to the program, especially fundraising. 18.Understands and follows MIAA rules, Valley Tech Athletic Department policy and School District policy. 19.Comply with all required training, student physical examination records, identification and reporting responsibilities under 105 CMR 200.00 regulations on Head Injuries and Concussions in Extracurricular Athletic Activities. 20.Report any injuries to the School Nurse and Director of Athletics and Student Activities. 21.Comply with all required notifications and acknowledgements regarding the Anti-Hazing Law under M.G.L. c.269 § § 17-19 for Student Groups, Teams and Organizations. 22.Report any unusual circumstances to the Director of Athletics and Student Activities and Assistant Superintendent-Director/Principal. 23.Contact local newspapers with results of contest regardless of winning or losing. 24.In concert with the Director of Athletics and Student Activities, track the collection of athletic fees of all athletes. 25.Supervise athletes before the official start of practice, and at the conclusion of practice through the departure time of late buses. Qualifications: 1.Experience as a player or coach, preferably in the sport, or physical education instructor. 2.Knowledgeable of the game - rules, skills, techniques and rules of Nat'l Fed. of State High School Assoc. and MIAA. 3.Availability to meet practice and contest schedule as scheduled. 4.Demonstrated ability to carry out all duties and responsibilities. Compensation: 1.$4,171.00 stipend paid in an amount defined in the coaches' salary schedule found in the Agreement between the School Committee and the Teachers' Association.

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