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Part-time School Support

Job Description


Under general supervision, operates a school bus on assigned route(s) and schedule to provide safe and efficient transportation so that students may enjoy the fullest possible advantage from the programs and offerings of the school system. Work involves performing pre-and post-trip inspections of the bus; operating a bus; obeying all traffic laws and school bus regulations while operating the bus; observing all safety regulations and standards for school buses; and maintaining discipline of students assigned to ride the bus. Employee is also responsible for completing all required reports and securing the assigned bus before leaving the vehicle at the conclusion of a run or route. Employee must exercise tact and courtesy in maintaining acceptable relations with parents/guardians of students transported and with school personnel. Reports to a Zone Transportation Supervisor for bus driving duties.



Performs required pre-trip and post-trip inspections and document inspections as required by Transportation Department Operating Instructions for bus drivers. Reports mechanical defect(s) or failure(s) to either the Zone Transportation Supervisor, the Zone Routing Specialist, the mechanic on-duty at the bus parking site or the school bus garage control center. In the event the assigned school bus is declared unfit for service, performs pre- and post-trip inspections on substitute school bus.

In accordance with Transportation Department Operating Instructions for bus drivers, performs required post-trip inspection, to detect students who may still be on board the school bus asleep or incapacitated and to detect any other irregularities or vandalism to the bus interior.

Operates the assigned school bus on the route(s) and schedule provided by the Zone Transportation Supervisor.

Reports to the Zone Transportation Supervisor, on the day of occurrence, any students added to or deleted from the route by the school principal which will necessitate a change in the route, bus stops and/or schedule.

Obeys all traffic laws and school bus regulations while operating the school bus.

Observes all safety regulations and standards for school buses. This includes clearing the school bus and evacuating students quickly in the event of an emergency.

Has a copy of the current Handbook for the School Bus Driver and the Safety Assistant; refers to it periodically for guidance and to answer questions.

Maintains discipline of students assigned to ride the school bus. Establishes a discipline plan that is consistent with school disciplinary objectives, as stated by the principal, and which provides a clear, progressive plan of consequences for students who cause disciplinary problems and rewards for those who maintain proper school bus safety standards.

Reports undisciplined students to the responsible school principal. Discharges students only at the authorized school or bus stop locations. Transports only authorized students.

Keeps the school bus clean and free of papers, bottles, cans food wrappers and other items which may present a safety problem.

Reports all accidents as required by Transportation Operating Instructions and remains at the scene of the accident until released by the on-scene transportation supervisor.

Completes personal time card and required reports, including reports required in the event of an accident or incident aboard the school bus.

Remains in charge of all students aboard the bus at the time of an accident, determining the existence and extent of any injuries and maintaining the safety of all passengers.

Secures the assigned bus before leaving the vehicle at the conclusion of a run or route. This includes parking the vehicle properly, making a visual inspection of the bus to check for damage and the possibility of remaining passengers (replace All-Out Flag or turn off child minder alarm), and securing all windows and doors to protect the interior of the vehicle.

Maintains acceptable relationships with parents/guardians of students transported and with school personnel.


Graduation from high school and some experience driving large vehicles with some experience in transporting humans preferred; or any equivalent combination of training and experience which provides the required skills, knowledge and abilities.


Must possess and maintain a valid North Carolina Class A or Class B Commercial Driver's License with school bus certification.


Physical Requirements: Must be physically able to operate a school bus. Must be able to quickly decelerate the bus and firmly apply the brake in an emergency situation. Must be able to turn the steering wheel of the vehicle rapidly in an emergency situation. Must be able to begin in a seated position with seat belt fastened, parking brake released, and engine running, secure the bus (parking brake set, key removed), rise from the seat, exit through the rearmost emergency exit, and be in position to assist passengers in exiting the bus within 20 seconds. Must be able to exert up to 50 pounds of force occasionally, and/or up to 25 pounds of force frequently, and/or up to 10 pounds of force constantly to move objects. Physical demand requirements are for Medium Work.

Data Conception: Requires the ability to compare and/or judge the readily observable, functional, structural, or composite characteristics (whether similar to or divergent from obvious standards) of data, people or things.

Interpersonal Communication: Requires the ability of speaking and/or signaling people to convey or exchange information in an effective manner. Includes receiving instructions, assignments and/or directions from superiors, and communicating information and instructions to students and other persons.

Language Ability: Requires the ability to read correspondence, reports, instructions, etc. Requires the ability to prepare correspondence, reports, etc., using proper format. Requires the ability to speak to people with poise, voice control and confidence.

Intelligence: Requires the ability to apply common sense understanding to carry out instructions furnished in written, oral, or diagrammatic form; to deal with problems involving several concrete variables in or from standardized situations.

Verbal Aptitude: Requires the ability to record and deliver information, to explain procedures, to follow oral and written instructions. Must be able to communicate effectively and efficiently in standard English.

Numerical Aptitude: Requires the ability to utilize mathematical formulas; to add and subtract totals.

Form/Spatial Aptitude:Requires the ability to inspect items for proper length, width and shape.

Motor Coordination: Requires the ability to coordinate hands and eyes rapidly and accurately in operating a school bus.

Manual Dexterity: Requires the ability to handle a variety of items, school bus equipment, control knobs, switches, etc. Must have minimal levels of eye/hand/foot coordination.

Color Discrimination: Requires the ability to recognize the colors of traffic signals and devices showing standard red, green, and amber.

Interpersonal Temperament: Requires the ability to deal with people beyond giving and receiving instructions. Must be adaptable to performing under stress and when confronted with persons acting under stress.

Physical Communication: Requires the ability to talk and/or hear: (talking: expressing or exchanging ideas by means of spoken words; hearing - perceiving nature of sounds by ear). Requires sufficient hearing ability to distinguish warning sounds made by horns, screeching tires, sirens, grade-crossing alarms or train whistles. Hearing a forced whispered voice in the better ear at a distance of five feet is considered adequate hearing.


Considerable knowledge of safe and efficient practices and procedures used in the operation of a school bus.

Considerable knowledge of traffic laws and school bus regulations. Considerable knowledge of safety regulations and standards for school buses. General knowledge of Transportation Department Operating Instructions.

Ability to physically inspect the bus according to Transportation Department Operating Instructions.

Ability to detect and report observable mechanical defects or failures on the school bus.

Ability to maintain discipline of students assigned to ride the school bus. Ability to maintain a clean school bus.

Ability to complete required reports.

Ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions.

Ability to exercise independent judgment and initiative in applying standards to a variety of work situations.

Ability to exercise tact and courtesy in contact with parents/guardians or students and with school personnel.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships as necessitated by work assignments.


The preceding job description has been designed to indicate the general nature and level of work performed by employees within this classification. It is not designed to contain or be interpreted as a comprehensive inventory of all duties, responsibilities, and qualifications required of employees to this job.

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