Jan 13, 2024

Math Teacher (Grades 4-8)

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  • Hyattsville, MD, USA
Full-time Teaching

Job Description

The Catholic elementary school teacher is responsible to deliver instruction that is based on the approved curricula and mission of the school and to create a safe, orderly and Catholic learning environment for his/her students. Planning Create lesson plans that align with the Archdiocese of Washington Academic Standards. Utilize Standardized Test scores and other forms of assessment to adjust lesson plans and inform instruction. Plan lessons that are learner based. Plan lessons that address the various needs of all students. Instruction Deliver a balanced program of instruction that incorporates direct instruction, guide instruction, individual/ group practice, questioning, demonstration and discovery. Plan individual and group instruction that includes lecture, discussion and hands-on activities. Administer assessments (both formal and informal) to determine if instructional objectives are being met. Use assessment data to differentiate instruction to assure that the diverse needs of all students are met. Assigns class work and homework that supports the objective of the lesson and re-enforces the learning process. Classroom Management Establish classroom procedures that optimize instructional time. Create and enforce rules that are clear and foster an atmosphere in which all can thrive. Maintain a positive learning environment based on mutual respect and cooperation. Set high expectations for achievement. Assure that Catholic values are the basis of all interactions between students and teachers. Communication Maintain a grade book that reflects students' progress on a variety of formative and summative assessments. Monitor students' grades and communicate status to parents and administration. Inform students and parents of assignments/projects and provide detailed written instructions, rubrics and due dates. Routinely post up to date information (homework, projects and grades) to the school's grade book portal. Use email, notes home and phone calls to inform parents if a student is not making adequate academic or behavior progress. Hold conferences with parents if students need academic or behavior intervention Produce quarterly progress reports and report cards. Catholic Identity Actively foster and support Catholic beliefs, traditions and practices. Reflect the Catholic Church's teaching on social justice and witness service to others. (Policies for Catholic Schools - Third Revision - 2018) Assist in the planning of liturgical ceremonies such a mass, penance services, prayer services, etc. Lead and encourage prayer in the classroom. Attend Catholic liturgical ceremonies (as required). Non Instructional Duties Perform duties such as carpool, recess, lunch and classroom teacher substitution (as required). Sponsor clubs and other school activities (as required). Attend Home and School meetings and other after hour's school events (as required). Participate in all required faculty and professional development meetings. Must obtain Maryland, Virginia, or District of Columbia certification within three years of the date of hire. (Policies for Catholic Schools - Third Edition - 2018) While a conscientious effort has been made to include all duties and expectations of the Archdiocese of Washington elementary school teacher, the above is not all inclusive and the position's duties may be expanded or modified at the discretion of the Principal.

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