Jan 13, 2024

School Safety and Security Staff

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Full-time Administrative

Job Description

The primary purpose of this position is to ensure the safety, security, and welfare of all students, faculty, staff, and visitors while under the direction and supervision of the Director of Athletics and Associate Director of Athletics. This position will work to foster positive relationships with students and the learning community while also working in tandem with existing Administrative practices and building procedures to maintain order, prevent crime, and assist the building Administration with the operations of the school on school property or at school-sponsored events when necessary and appropriate. ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Help create and maintain a culture of respect and responsibility that promotes personal development and learning in line with our school mission by maintaining discipline, order, and dress code; Reports to the Principal and/or Athletic Directors of any behavior infractions (minor and/or major); Monitor guest and student check-in at the front entrance. Assist with opening the school for daily operations. Monitor the school campus, parking lots, and grounds Must be available to work games, weekends, and special events Complete supervisory rounds as assigned; Have an understanding of Catholic education and pedagogy; Ensures the security, safety, and well-being of all personnel, visitors, and the premises. Patrols and monitors assigned areas of the school buildings, grounds, and parking lots to deter, detect, report and stop violations of the law and/or school board policies. Secures premises and personnel by controlling entry and screening all visitors per district policy. Responds to critical incidents and investigates to determine cause then takes appropriate action. Detects, investigates, and reports unauthorized or suspicious persons, vehicles and activities. Monitors surveillance cameras, communicating necessary information to prompt required investigation and facilitating the appropriate emergency response. Notifies the administrative staff, police, fire department, or other appropriate authorities of security or emergency situations. Assists administrators and staff in crisis and emergency situations. Assists with planning, coordinating, and working on special events and projects. Assists the Building Administration with the operations of the school. Works closely with law enforcement agencies to conduct and participate in any and all training as determined appropriate. Makes rapid and appropriate decisions during stressful situations. Responds to incoming security calls according to established procedures. Assists injured persons and determines appropriate action in a timely manner including contacting emergency medical personnel when necessary. Regularly patrols school perimeter and facilities, including security checks of school sites including the school buildings, ensuring that access is limited to approved and specified points of entry, as well as school grounds, athletic facilities, and parking areas. Supervises or provides crowd control for student, adult, and community events/activities (as assigned) to ensure compliance with school safety and security procedures. Maintains CPR and first aid certification. Other duties as assigned KNOWLEDGE OF: Positive behavioral interventions and support Conflict resolution strategies Excellent problem-solving and people management skills. Computer skills and knowledge with Microsoft Office Suite, electronic monitoring, and programming software. Responsible and professional leadership. Ability to review and evaluate operating procedures and recommend improvements. Strong ability to provide a very high level of customer service to school and community. Knowledge in working with technical communications systems, programs, and equipment during daily operations and emergency circumstances. Knowledge of current security and safety best practices for school safety (including in technology software) ABILITY TO: Mastery of video surveillance of building cameras, monitors, and mobile devices Build positive relationships with students, staff, parents, and community members. Facilitate the resolution of conflict Plan, organize and manage time and resources Ability to multitask while working on a computer and monitoring several technology outlets simultaneously. Provide input for ongoing security and safety improvements PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Must have the ability to sit, stand, kneel, stoop, climb stairs, and walk for extended periods of time, Must have the ability to lift and move weight up to 50 lbs. Must not have any limitations of motion, and vision and hearing should be rated as acceptable to obtain the required driver's license. Have the visual acuity necessary to observe and comprehend student movement. Exhibit manual dexterity to dial a telephone, operate a two-way radio, and use lock and key devices. During an emergency, the ability to work in a fast-paced and stressful environment while maintaining the ability to articulate and communicate in an effective manner. Ability to operate a motor vehicle. Must have the ability to communicate verbally, and in writing, and perform functions from oral and written instructions.. Must have the ability to evaluate written materials. The employee frequently must meet multiple demands from several people. Ability to view and monitor video display terminals and mobile devices as required. TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: This is a 12-month full-time position. Routinely Monday through Friday with some Saturdays

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