Feb 02, 2024

Primary Teacher 24-25 School Year

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  • Elkins, AR, USA
Full-time Teaching

Job Description


Teacher Licensure

All certified personnel shall hold a current, valid Arkansas teaching license in the instructional area(s) assigned by district administration as required by law. All professional personnel employed by the Elkins School District must possess qualifications set forth by the State Department of Education. It is recognized by the Board of Education that these qualifications are set up to promote minimum standards; therefore, the practice of the Elkins School District will employ persons who exceed these minimum requirements whenever possible. Appointments of instructional personnel shall be made by the Board of Education upon consideration of recommendations made by the superintendent. It shall be the responsibility of the principal to see that persons selected and recommended to the superintendent for employment meet all qualifications established by the Board and by law for the type of position for which the recommendation is being made. The evaluation of experience and assignment of a position is a responsibility reserved by the administration.

Have responsibility for overseeing all phases of the educational program for students. Assist in program and curriculum development Schedule events for students and parents. Assist principals with development of programs or instructional practices. Attend all educational events for assigned building. Submit requests for necessary materials, supplies, and equipment in advance using the outlined requisition procedures. Be respectful in all interactions with parents, students, and fellow faculty members Evaluate students on progress and report results to parents. Submit required reports and forms to principal in a timely manner. Communicate with parents on a regular basis. Update online grades on a regular weekly basis, if grades are not updated weekly administrative action will be taken. Provide students with quality feedback. All teachers are strongly encouraged to refrain from emailing, texting and or social-networking with students in any after school or non-instructional capacity. Report to and perform other duties as assigned by the principal or superintendent.

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