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Elementary Principal

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Full-time Administrative

Job Description

POSITION TITLE: Elementary Principal

REPORTS TO: Superintendent of Schools/Designee

1. Certification as an Assistant Principals/Principal- at the appropriate level as defined by
the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and DESE.
2. Five years of teaching experience at the Elementary School level.
3. Two years of administrative and/or supervisory experience at the Elementary level or
other experience acceptable to the Superintendent.
4. Minimum of a Master's Degree is required.
5. Demonstrated ability to work effectively with students, parents, teachers, and other
6. Ability to implement the decisions of Central Administration and be a positive member
of the District's administrative team.
7. Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Superintendent may find appropriate
and acceptable.

General Responsibilities:
1. To be the building leader of all District approved educational programs conducted in the
school assigned.
2. To supervise and evaluate all professional and non-certified staff members assigned to the
3. To administer the business affairs of the school.
4. To function as the chief liaison person between the school and the community.
5. To administer the regulations of the Commonwealth of MA and the policies of the
Whitman-Hanson RSD.

Specific Responsibilities:

1. To work with the Central Administration to facilitate and monitor the implementation of
the approved curriculum.
2. To provide for the enrichment of the curriculum by functioning as a resource person to
staff members needing assistance and instructional strategies to meet the individual
educational needs of elementary children.

3. To work with the administrators responsible for the curriculum and to effectively monitor
the implementation of the curriculum through frequent dialogue with teachers and
4. To work with the Central Office on all issues pertaining to the curriculum and
instructional programs which may impact student learning.

Supervision and Evaluation:
1) To complete regular written observation and evaluation reports of professional and
non-certified personnel.
2) To make recommendations to the Superintendent of Schools regarding the employment
of personnel.
3) To plan and conduct regular staff meetings for the purpose of improving programs,
communications, and staff performance.
4) To obtain and monitor the effectiveness of substitute teachers.
5) To design, adjust, and administer the work schedules of assigned personnel.

1. To maintain clear and responsible communications within the school and between the
school and the home.
2. To inform staff members of all relevant policies, regulations, and directives from the
Superintendent and School Committee.
3. To communicate regularly with the Central Office regarding building activities,
problems, and potential problems.
4. To provide annually for an updated school handbook for staff members.

Business Administration:
1. To schedule classes, services, and other activities provided in the school.
2. To develop annual budget requests and to implement approved budgets as directed by the Superintendent of Schools.
3. To submit reports to the Superintendent of Schools as requested.
4. To maintain complete and secure permanent and temporary records on all students
assigned to the school.
5. To maintain required records of school programs and support services.
6. To conduct periodic building, maintenance, and security checks of the school building
and premises and work with the OPerations department as needed.
7. To be aware of the use of all facilities by school personnel and community groups.

Special Education:
1. To oversee all special education programs and supervise staff within the school.
2. To collaborate with the Director of Special Education on a consistent basis.

3. To serve as part of the IEP team as needed.
4. To oversee communications with parents and outside agencies regarding special
education services.
5. To maintain timelines for all required evaluation records and reports.

Other Areas:
1. To oversee school bus transportation in conjunction with the Transportation Director.
2. To assist the staff in developing appropriate student management strategies.
3. To implement and monitor all federally-funded programs conducted in the building.
4. To oversee matters of pupil and personnel health, safety, and well-being.
5. To perform whatever additional duties the Superintendent of Schools or their designee
judges to be in the best interests of the system and students.

Approved by SC in 1983
Updated March of 2018

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