Mar 28, 2024

High School Teacher

  • Tulsa Honor Academy
  • Tulsa Honor Academy High School, South Sheridan Road, Tulsa, OK, USA
Full-time Education

Job Description



At Tulsa Honor Academy (THA), we are on a mission to equip all scholars with the academic skills, content knowledge, and ethical character required for college graduation and life success.

We believe ALL scholars, regardless of race, background, income or ability, can achieve at high levels. We work relentlessly to ensure 100% of scholars are on a path to go to and graduate from a college of their choice, beginning in the fifth grade. 

Opening our doors in 2015 with 92 fifth grade scholars, THA will grow to serve over 1,300 scholars in grades 5-12 across our two campuses in the 2024-2025 academic year. 

When you join the THA Familia, you are joining a team with an unwavering commitment to ensuring scholars in our community have access to a high-quality, college preparatory education. One that is focused on developing successful college graduates who will become well-rounded, engaged individuals who will transform their communities. 

Candidates must share our unshakeable belief that all scholars can achieve when given the opportunity. Sound like you? 


  • You are a firm believer that all scholars can go to and graduate from college
  • You demonstrate determination and know that the work is hard, but worth it
  • You display humility through consistent self-reflection, problem solving and implementation of feedback
  • You believe in team first and know that success is not defined by individuals, but by the team itself
  • You demonstrate a commitment to structure knowing that school-wide systems are critical elements of our scholars’ success
  • You are a proactive communicator who does so clearly and concisely with scholars, families and staff
  • You are nerdy about ensuring scholars have access to rigorous academic instruction, including deep and complex content  
  • You desire to be in the trenches with us and our kids and can engage and motivate diverse stakeholders
  • You are goal-oriented and set meaningful, ambitious goals and achieve success despite potential obstacles or setbacks
  • You are always hungry for more and have a deep desire to be an expert in your field 
  • You display grit when the work is hard and utilize ingenuity, resourcefulness and tenacity to tackle complex problems in order to achieve our mission


Teachers are entrusted with advancing the mission of Tulsa Honor Academy through the execution of a standards-aligned curriculum and continuous improvement of their instructional practices based on feedback and support. 

Core Commitments 

-It is hard, but joyful for both kids and adults. We work hard, but love just as hard.

  • Develop a palpably positive classroom and school climate with frequent and authentic instances of shared smiling, laughter and enthusiasm where joy is deeply rooted in achievement, the content, and team/individual successes
  • Believe that scholar actions and mindsets stem from teacher actions and mindsets

-Back-to-basics, liberal arts school - We have a fundamental belief in teaching kids to be critical thinkers through ELA and STEM.

  • Develop a strong skill foundation
  • Ensure all scholars complete the cognitive work during the lesson, such as reading, writing, discussion, analysis, meaning-making, computation, and problem-solving
  • Display that you value risk-taking, especially when the work is challenging. Expect all scholars to attempt all work, take academic risks, and learn from their mistakes

-Structure driven school - We sacrifice autonomy in exchange for consistency and commitment to a shared definition of excellence.

  • Sweat the small stuff 
  • Believe that scholars want and need to be held to a higher standard and that scholars are capable of making good choices
  • Teach and enforce school-wide systems, rules and consequences, disciplinary codes, and rewards at all times
  • Know that warm and strict are not opposites

-Team, team, team - We support our community, learn from one another and respect each other enough to hold high expectations for ourselves and our scholars. 

  • Value parents as our partners
  • Model what we expect because we know adults drive culture 
  • Believe in a all hands on deck mentality

-Constant Improvement - We model what it really means to receive feedback. 

  • Gain energy from the feedback cycle, not lose it 
  • Use feedback to make productive changes in performance

-Diversity and Equity - We believe institutions thrive with diverse people and backgrounds.

  • Ensure our community is an inclusive and safe place
  • Deeply believe in and participate in our work as an anti-racist organization 

-People, paper, college - What we invest in says a lot about what we prioritize.

  • Execute rigorous instructional materials 
  • Support teammates, families and scholars 
  • Do whatever it takes to ensure our scholars go to and graduate from college 

Core Responsibilities

  • Classroom Culture: A Teacher ensures scholars are full participants in a structured, productive and safe learning environment. Teachers do this through participation, internalization of class/school culture systems, consistent routines, engaging in meaningful work, celebration of character values and a belief that one can be both warm and strict. 
  • Ambitious Content: A Teacher ensures that scholars work with content that will best develop their understanding of ideas and skills essential to the course. Teachers do this by backwards planning, clearly communicating objectives, executing rigorous course materials, assisting scholars in making meaningful connections and frequently utilizing formal and informal data to ensure mastery. 
  • Ownership and Engagement: A Teacher must ensure scholars are deeply engaged in the work. THA knows scholars are deeply engaged when they synthesize diverse information/perspectives/view points, consistently complete the cognitive work during the lesson, build upon peers’ thinking, receive feedback from teacher and peers, take academic risks and provide meaningful oral or written evidence to support their thinking.
  • Demonstration of Learning: A Teacher ensures that scholars are able to demonstrate their learning, including the mastery of rigorous course goals. To do this, teachers must know the status of each scholars’ progress towards an objective, scholars must display deep understanding through use of formal and informal assessments, scholars must monitor their own progress, and teachers must ensure scholars are on track to achieve or surpass rigorous course learning goals. 
  • Commitment to Excellence: A Teacher at THA must display a commitment to their team and improving their craft. Teachers do this through collaborative relationships, remaining engaged, demonstrating ownership for shared culture, remaining solutions-oriented and embodying THA’s commitment to continual improvement. Teachers receive regular observations and coaching from an Instructional Manager. 



  • Bachelor’s degree required.
  • State certification preferred.


  • Prior teaching experience in a school serving a similar population to THA’s is preferred.
  • Charter school experience is preferred.

Compensation and Benefits 

  • THA's teacher salary schedule starts at $44,000. For standard certified teachers, THA's teacher salary schedules starts at $47,000. Salary is commensurate with full-time, K-12 teaching experience in accredited schools. THA’s compensation includes a comprehensive benefits package. To review THA's teacher salary schedule and learn more about THA’s benefits, visit 

The Role

  • Reports to and is held accountable by the school’s Principal. 
  • Follows THA’s Academic Calendar. 
  • Full-time, exempt.

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