Apr 03, 2024


  • Houston, TX, USA
Full-time Education School Leadership

Job Description

At the Frank Liu Jr. Academy for Music and Arts (“FLAMA”), a PK-8th grade open-enrollment charter school located in Houston’s East End serving the 2nd, 3rd and 5th Wards, our primary goal is to inspire a joy for learning in each of our students. Our innovative model is built on the foundation of the science of learning and direct instruction paired with deep exploration of music & visual arts. 

Our work at FLAMA is not to simply offer music and arts enrichment, FLAMA’s design has three innovative facets: 

(1) All pedagogy aligns with insights from the cognitive sciences as to how people learn.  Translating these insights to practice is a foundational element of our professional development.

(2) Executive function skills are interwoven throughout all courses for Pre-K – 1st graders allowing them to develop the cognitive, social and study skills necessary to become successful learners.

(3) Our daily music and visual arts programs intentionally integrate additional ELA, Math and Executive Function instruction, thus furthering the impact research demonstrates music and art education have in improving academic outcomes.

This curricular programming is enhanced by an 8-hour day class schedule, with optional afterschool and a 207-day school year. FLAMA plans to open in Fall 2025 with Pre-K through 1st grade. 

Superintendent Role:

FLAMA is seeking to fill the role of Founding Superintendent who will also largely serve as a Principal in the early years with support from the Director of Academics and Director of Music & Arts.  For this role we seek a lifelong learner committed to FLAMA’s mission. FLAMA’s Superintendent will hold a high standard for student and faculty achievement, setting the bar highest for themselves.

FLAMA is seeking a Superintendent willing to serve for a long-term (6+ year) period and is interested in a charter that will not expand beyond this one school.  We will employ a Sole Finalist hiring model in order to provide applicants the utmost confidentiality.  

To realize FLAMA’s vision, our superintendent will lead the following areas and bring to our team the below skills and experiences: 

  • Academic Expertise 

    • Commitment to the idea that all students can succeed at a high level in school, college, and beyond.

    • Experience serving Special Education (SPED), Emergent Bilingual (EB), and at-risk students with positive results.

    • Experience implementing professional development training with positive results.

    • Exposure to and interest in implementing a cognitive science-informed approach to instruction methods.

    • Exposure to and interest in building executive function skills in students.

  • Organizational Leadership

    • Experience with and commitment to partnering with the Board and partner institutions to serve students, faculty and families.

    • Demonstrated experience and interest in family outreach and service.  Commitment to engaging with the wider community.

    • Experience overseeing finances, PEIMS, and other data management.

    • Demonstrated experience successfully working with students, faculty, and families to manage and remedy disciplinary concerns.

  • Music and Art Education 

    • Passion for the value of music and art education for all students.

    • Commitment to the vision of integrating literacy and math instruction into music and art classes.

  • Wrap-Around Services

    • Excitement to serve as a strong partner with Communities in Schools to offer students and families wrap-around services.

    • Commitment to building programs for nourishment, as well as physical and mental health. 

  • People Leadership

    • Experience managing hiring decisions, feedback and evaluations, and HR concerns. 

    • Focus on growth-oriented professional development programs for faculty.

    • Interest in collaborating with researchers at local universities to incorporate cutting-edge research into the classroom via the PD program.


In addition to the above experiences, this position requires:

  • 10+ years of experience in education with a proven track record as a successful school leader in the position of principal or higher.  Candidates should have leadership experience in schools with populations of Title 1, At-Risk, Emergent Bilingual, and Special Education students.

  • Master’s Degree 

  • State of Texas Superintendent certification

    • Individuals with valid out-of-state Superintendent certification will have up to 24 months to achieve certification in Texas.

Selection Process and Timeline

The salary range for this position is $175,000-$200,000.  Standard health, dental, vision and life insurance along with TRS contribution.  Additional benefits such as relocation, phone and other allowances are negotiable. 

To apply, please submit your application here. If you have questions about the role or the selection process, you can reach out to our hiring partner: [email protected].

FLAMA will carry out the selection process through May 2024 and identify a sole finalist by June 2024. A formal contract would be extended upon receipt of a charter in late June 2024.  Expected start Fall 2024. 


This search is managed by WorkTogether Talent Consulting (formerly WorkMonger)


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