Jun 22, 2024

24-25 Valor Academy High School Assistant Principal

  • Bright Star Schools
  • Los Angeles, CA, USA

Job Description

Assistant Principal

24-25 School Year

Valor Academy High School


The Assistant Principal supports the implementation of the instructional vision and strategic plan for the school site including, but not limited to: coordinating assessments, teacher coaching and support, and supervision. In addition, this individual plays a major role in establishing and managing the school culture through aligned systems and structures under the umbrellas of MTSS, PBIS, progressive discipline and restorative practices. This equity based leader would also be responsible for oversight of social emotional student learning and non-instructional student programs such as Life Experience Lessons (field trips).

The Assistant Principal's primary area of responsibility includes developing relationships with students, families, teachers and colleagues based on mutual respect, integrity and trust, in pursuit of meeting school goals and improving academic outcomes for ALL students.

Assistant Principals supervise all individuals who carry out the programs that they are charged to lead.


Founded in 2003, Bright Star Schools has been serving students, families, and communities in Los Angeles for over 20 years! We currently serve over 3,600 students in 9 schools in the communities of South Los Angeles, Koreatown, and the San Fernando Valley. Our free, charter public schools are joyful, small, and safe communities where each of our students is known and supported to thrive. We welcome all students of all abilities and backgrounds.

We're looking for outstanding educators to join our team and help provide holistic, inclusive support for all students to achieve academic excellence and grow their unique talents so that they find joy in higher education, career, and life. Guided by our core values of integridad, kohyang, ubuntu, and growth, we're committed to our students' and educators' success.

At Bright Star Schools, we provide a culture of learning and growth for educators, with an emphasis on job-embedded, differentiated professional development, which includes:

  • Organization-wide content specific professional development sessions throughout the year
  • An instructional coaching program
  • A no-cost induction program for new teachers with a preliminary credential (Our two- year induction program allows teachers with preliminary credentials to earn their CA clear credential at no cost to the teacher.)
  • Paid planning days
  • Professional learning communities at the school site and by grade level or content area.

Overall, our educators receive 200+ hours of job-embedded professional development opportunities to support teacher growth and advancing student achievement over the course of each year.

We also offer small class sizes, comprehensive teacher support, a focus on anti-bias and anti-racist school and classroom cultures, and numerous collaboration opportunities across the organization and within school sites.

Educator applicants should be prepared to conduct classes virtually or in-person depending on COVID-19 health guidelines.

Bright Star Schools is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, sexual

orientation, national or ethnic origin, age, disability, pregnancy, or veteran status.

Responsibilities and Duties:

Student Culture
  • Manage and coordinate culture on the school campus, including school-wide behavior management systems, Restorative Practices, and support for all educational partners (ie. teacher, student, and families).
  • Develop school site team members through ongoing professional development, educational plans, and observation and feedback cycles.
  • Plan and lead quarterly cultural assemblies that advance the school toward our vision
  • Oversee the school's After School Enrichment and Life Experience Lessons (field trips)
  • Oversee supervision of student activities including Lunchtime and After School Supervision
  • Enforce and revise the rules and procedures as outlined in the student and parent handbooks, as necessary
  • Develop proactive cultural initiatives to motivate students toward high success and achievement

Staff Culture
  • Develop Teacher Leaders to prepare them to lead their teams
  • Ensure upholding to the rules and procedures as outlined in the teacher and administrative handbooks.
  • Assist Principal with staff culture
  • Plan and coordinate quarterly staff fellowship opportunities
  • Help principal plan engaging, actionable, adult-learning workshops; and hold staff accountable for implementation of the workshop practices
  • Work directly with teachers and staff to support enforcement of the schoolwide behavior management plan, as well as rules and procedures outlined in the student handbooks
  • Support student and staff recruiting through conducting information and orientation sessions
  • Support in the creation, change, distribution, and collection of quarterly student, teacher, and parent surveys. Summarize data and use it to inform school improvements.

Academics Instruction
  • Develop instructional Deans and teacher leaders
  • Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) for the Instructional Leadership Teams, which include the Academic Leaders (Deans) and Department Leads.
  • Oversee all assessments, including ELPAC, CAASPP, College Board (PSAT, ACT, SAT, AP Exams), and i-Ready
  • Oversee i-Ready program implementation in all grade levels
  • Lead instructional coaching with a caseload of teachers.
  • Oversee instruction & Formative Grades including standards maps, weekly plans, selection and use of texts and support materials, common assessment plans, and differentiated instruction including specialized programs for ELLs and SPED students.
  • Conduct routine grade books checks; verify that grades are inputted and summarized appropriately for weekly academic check-ins during Advisory and for quarterly report cards.
  • Support Principal in conducting formal and informal teacher evaluations
  • Supports Principal in identifying and developing teachers and leaders (Department Heads and/or Grade Level Chairs) through goal setting, coaching and providing feedback
  • Support development and implementation of network adopted curricula
  • Lead data-driven conversations and coaching; assess teacher practice, student achievement and set goals and action steps collaboratively with teachers to support to meet growth goals for students
  • Work with the Principal to create a yearlong Scope and Sequence plan for Staff Professional Development. The Assistant Principal of Instruction will take the lead on planning and executing instructional PDs.
  • Support Principal in planning and goal setting for the grades/departments managed and ensure alignment with school-wide goals
  • Ensure teachers and staff have the opportunity to attend Professional Development by working with each teacher on his or her individual professional development program.
  • Support the development of master schedule and teacher/student schedules.

Qualifications & Experience


  1. Valid, Clear, California Teaching Credential (Single Subject or Multiple Subject Teaching Credential preferred)
  2. At least two years of experience in an instructional coaching or an administrative role.
  3. At least three years of teaching experience (grades 9-12 preferred) with consistent student achievement and growth.
  4. Evidence of strong organizational, student management, and interpersonal skills.
  5. Extremely high standards for student academic work and student behavior - the belief that all of our students (who are primarily from low-income, educationally under-resourced families) will be able to rise to the same academic challenges and compete at the top levels with all students, regardless of family background.
  6. Ability to work collaboratively with colleagues and delegate as appropriate.
  7. Working knowledge of Google Apps and Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint), plus an aptitude for quickly learning and mastering other data-based programs.
  8. Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Willingness to quickly digest and, when needed, create documents for the school community (students, teachers, parents).
  9. Ability to analyze complex student data, identify trends, and create action steps that will lead to student growth
  10. Understanding of and agreement with our student, parent, and employee expectations.
  11. Industriousness and Enthusiasm, defined as working diligently to ensure the success of students, teachers, families, and the school.
  12. Humility, receptiveness to feedback, and evidence of being a constant learner.

Desired (but not required) in order of importance:
  1. Administrative credential (or willingness to pursue)
  2. Experience supervising other employees.
  3. Fluency in a second language. Willingness to learn Spanish if that isn't the language of fluency.
  4. Post-graduate degree (Masters, Administrative Credential, or MBA.)

Salary and Benefits:

  • Salary: BSS salary is based on experience and education, and was created in consideration of the longer school day and school year.
  • Status: Full Time
  • Start Date: An exceptional candidate will assume a full time role no later than July 2024.
  • Location: North Hills, Los Angeles, CA
  • Benefits: Health, dental, vision, STRS retirement matching, life insurance, short-term disability, optional 403b plan, sick and vacation paid time off, and holidays.

Other Benefits:
  • Laptop
  • Pupil-free planning days for teachers
  • Staff wellness program
  • School counselors to support with family engagement and communication

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