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JOB STATUS: Full Time Position
LOCATION: Ira B. Jones Elementary School
CONTACT: [email protected]


Teacher assistants may perform any of a wide range of duties depending on where and with whom they work. One of the major responsibilities of the teacher assistant is to work along side of the teacher to provide more interaction time for children and to visually supervise children at all times. When an assistant is in the classroom, she/he is expected to talk with children, ask questions, play with them and take care of their needs as well as to keep them safe.

Since the assistant's foremost responsibility is to follow the teacher's direction, it is important to determine, to some extent, the nature of duties to be performed. Suggestions for these duties may be found on the following pages. They are not designed to limit the role of the assistant, or to infringe upon the responsibility of the teacher. Instead, it is hoped they will serve as a stimulus for other activities.

Child care assistants are responsible for carrying out the teacher's plans before and after regular school hours. He/she should report to the teacher the effectiveness of the plans and work with the teacher to change plans as needed.

Assistants serving as bus monitors are responsible for securing coverage for this duty if they have to be absent.
CDL required within 90 days of hire date.


A. Perform clerical responsibilities.
1. Keep abreast of plans to see that materials are available.
2. Record and transfer data as instructed by the teacher.
3. Receive any fees and keep records of the same.
4. Obtain and organize supplies and materials.
5. Operate media equipment.
6. Check attendance.
7. Be responsible for care of materials and equipment.

B. Render assistance in large group activities
1. Assist with physical education activities, both indoors and out.
2. Help with field trips and supervise children for their safety.
3. Assist in serving meals and snacks.
4. Strive to make mealtime a learning experience.
5. Assist with all classroom activities.
6. Read or tell stories to groups of children.
7. Assist/participate in circle time activities.
8. Supervise students closely in the classroom and on the playground.

C. Work with small groups and individuals.
1. Give special attention to children who have been absent.
2. Attend to any children who become ill.
3. Observe and monitor student activities.
4. Engage children in conversations related to play and learning
5. Ask open-ended questions to encourage thinking and inquiry skills

D. Check physical conditions of room.
1. Assist in arranging or rearranging furniture.
2. Assist with displaying student work.
3. Help keep centers neat/organized.
4. Keep tables and counters clean.

E. Assist in building pupils' self-concept - developing wholesome feelings. Learn and call children by name. Encourage children to try again when failure is met. Give reassurance with smile or friendly look. Give praise or admiration for achievement Give comfort, reassurance, and fair treatment when mishaps occur. Learn something about the children to help you identify with them. Encourage creative play. Recognize the importance of each child's family by learning about the child's family and including family names during activities with the child. Ask open-ended questions as opposed to questions requiring one-word answers. F. End of day responsibilities. Close windows. Straighten room and sanitize toys. Turn off air conditioner. Turn off lights. Turn off radio, computers, etc. Make sure outside door is locked. Make sure playground area is cleaned up. TEACHER ASSISTANT JOB EXPECTATIONS

1. Support and assist with the implementation of our School Improvement Plan.
2. Be supportive of the ACSP's staff both at work and in the community.
3. Be professional, positive, enthusiastic, persuasive, self-confident, committed and concerned.
4. Adhere to rules and regulations of the Asheville City Schools and ACSP.
5. Comply with the code of ethics of the teaching profession, particularly in matters dealing with confidential information.
6. Work in any special area assigned by the administrators, child care specialist or office staff.
7. Work closely and continuously with students on an individual or small group basis as suggested by the teacher.
8. Use materials as suggested in a planning session with the teacher.
9. Initiate steps to improve the learning environment.
10. Gain each student's confidence and establish trust; work to enhance each child's self esteem.
11. Demonstrate knowledge of activities, materials and student needs by being able to plan, implement and evaluate learning experiences.
12. Determine student's degree of interest and acquire techniques for teaching students that will be meaningful, non-threatening and comfortable.
13. Possess the ability to motivate.
14. All assistants are required by child-care licensing to secure additional training through classes, workshops and conferences. It is the responsibility of the assistant to investigate the number of hours required and to obtain appropriate training.

Minimum Job Qualifications:
  • At least a two year college degree or 48 hours of college credit in EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION within the last 5 years.
1. Two years of college required.
2. Evidence of previous successful work experiences with children desirable.
3. Knowledge of child growth, development and behavioral characteristics.
4. Interest in and willingness to work with children.
5. Ability to take and follow directions.
6. Ability and willingness to maintain confidentiality of information, including child behaviors.
7. Manners and dress appropriate to the school setting.
8. Ability to relate well to people.
9. Punctuality and dependability.
10. Willingness to study, cooperate and support school activities.
11. Ability to demonstrate effective written and oral expression.
12. A positive attitude, a willing spirit and team commitment.
13. Hold a CDA credential or be willing to obtain one if required by the program.
14. Hold an AA degree in Early Childhood, or be willing to obtain one if required by the program.
15. Pass a criminal background check.
16. Secure at least three positive employment/character references.
17. Pass all medical requirements.


Physical Requirements: Must be physically able to operate power tools and mechanical equipment. Must be able to exert up to 25 pounds frequently. Physical demand requirements are for Medium Work.

Data Conception: Requires the ability to compare and/or judge the readily observable, functional, structural or composite characteristics (whether similar or divergent from obvious standards) of data, people or things.

Interpersonal Communication: Requires the ability to speak and/or signal people to convey or exchange information. Includes giving instructions, assignments or directions to subordinates or assistants.

Language Ability: Requires the ability to read simple forms. Requires the ability to prepare time sheets and supply requisitions using prescribed format.

Intelligence: Requires the ability to apply common sense understanding to carry out instructions furnished in written, oral or diagrammatic form; to deal with problems involving several concrete variables in or from standardized situations.

Verbal Aptitude: Requires the ability to record and deliver information, to explain procedures, to follow oral and written instructions. Must be able to communicate effectively and efficiently in standard English.

Numerical Aptitude: Requires the ability to utilize mathematical formulas, to add, subtract, divide and multiply.

Form/Spatial Aptitude: Requires the ability to inspect items for proper length, width and shape.

Motor Coordination: Requires the ability to coordinate hands and eyes rapidly and accurately in using tools.

Manual Dexterity: Requires the ability to handle a variety of items such as maintenance equipment. Must have minimal levels of eye/hand/foot coordination.

Color Discrimination: Requires the ability to differentiate between colors or shades of color.

Interpersonal Temperament: Requires the ability to deal with people beyond giving and receiving instructions. Must be adaptable to performing under average levels of stress.

Physical Communications: Requires the ability to see, talk and hear.

  • Position Type: Full-time
Job Categories: Instructional Support > Individual Aide
Support Staff > Transportation
Equal Opportunity Employer
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