Jan 11, 2021

Principal in Residence

  • IDEA Public Schools
  • Permian Basin Petroleum Museum, Interstate 20, Midland, TX, USA
Full-time Operations and Facilities Other Education School Leadership

Job Description

Principal in Residence- Permian Basin 

At IDEA Public Schools, we believe in college for ALL and we are committed to ensuring that all our students graduate from  college. IDEA Public Schools has grown from a small school to the fastest-growing network of tuition-free Pre-K-12 public  charter schools in the United States sending 100% of our students to college. 50% of our students graduate from college in  6 years – that’s 8 times the national rate for students in our communities!  

IDEA was founded in 2000 as a single school with 150 students in the Rio Grande Valley. When interest exceeded building  capacity, to meet the demands, IDEA’s co-founders committed to serving more students in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas  and beyond. We now serve over 65,000 students across Texas and Louisiana. Be on the lookout for IDEA schools opening  

near you—with continued growth in our current regions and new launches in Tampa Bay, FL (2021), Jacksonville, FL (2022),  and Cincinnati, OH (2022)!  

When you choose to work at IDEA, you are part of our IDEA Team and Family. You will work alongside team members who  set and reach ambitious goals every day, are excited to continue to grow with IDEA, and work relentlessly to make college  for all a reality. 

To learn more about IDEA, check out this video. 

About Permian Basin 

Permian Basin is a large region encompassing the majority of West Texas. When you think of the Permian Basin, think oil  country, Friday Night Lights, sunny days, and gorgeous sunsets. The two major cities that IDEA Public Schools will serve are  Midland and Odessa, located about 15 miles from each other and situated almost exactly halfway between El Paso and Fort  Worth. 

Though only 17% of residents have a college degree, the community is eager to innovate, partner, and transform the  education system for the next generation of scholars. IDEA Public Schools is proud to launch in Permian Basin as a high quality education opportunity for families, with a commitment to serve over 10,000 students at scale by launching 14  schools across Midland and Odessa. 

Role Mission: The Principal in Residence role is for transformational school leaders who desire to change the educational  landscape for thousands of children. They are believers and fighters committed to giving children - no matter their  socioeconomic background, ethnicity, or neighborhood they reside in - the tools needed to reach their full potential.  Together with the school Lead Team, Principals in Residence spend the day ensuring that no matter what, our students are  in an environment where they will develop good character, be challenged academically, and succeed on their road to and  through college.  

IDEA Public Schools is seeking the best and brightest instructional leaders in the nation to join our Principal in Residence  2021-2022 cohort. This program is unique in that each PIR (Principal in Residence) becomes part of the core “Lead Team” at  their school site, working to support teachers, leaders, students, and families every single day while sharing responsibility  for critical school achievement goals. Residents are full time salaried instructional leaders that will receive personalized  feedback and coaching throughout their residency in preparation to launch and/or lead their own IDEA school within one to  two years.

Who We Are Looking For 

  • PK-12 educational leaders who demonstrate...

o A belief that all students can go to and through college 

o At least two years in a role where the majority of your time is focused on instructional  

leadership/management of adults (likely a mid-level leadership role in a school, such as assistant principal  

or dean) 

o A strong desire to launch and/or lead a school in one of our new or existing regions 

o At least three years of Pre K-12 teaching experience 

o Demonstrated instructional leadership experience with proven results 

o A receptiveness and hunger for feedback 

Key Outcomes 

  • Exemplary student achievement on internal and external assessments for teachers managed
  • Students graduate IDEA and enroll in a four-year college or university
  • Students remain enrolled at IDEA until graduation
  • Students attend school each day
  • Staff members continue to work at IDEA year after year and are satisfied with IDEA as an employer


  • Focus on IDEA’s core purpose to get all students into college
  • Hold high expectations for self and others to achieve and surpass intended goals
  • Lead instructional staff to improve their teaching quickly and measurably through daily observations, on-the-spot coaching, data conversations, and effective evaluations
  • Coach and manage a group of teachers and/or school lead team members at placement school to achieve measurable and ambitious results
  • Achieve student outcomes aligned with 100% college matriculation
  • Attend PIR trainings, coaching sessions, and school visits
  • Review teachers’ weekly lesson plans and provide feedback
  • Synthesize, analyze, and prioritize data and opportunities to develop strategies that achieve quantifiable goals • Proactively identify opportunities to improve and consistently reflect on past actions to guide future decisions • Establish and maintain a cooperative working relationship with students and families based on trust, understanding and respect for the communities in which they identify 
  • Effective facilitation and personal use of technology as a communication and educational tool to improve teacher development, student achievement and manage work related tasks
  • Support the creation and implementation of a clear and consistent behavior management system while developing students’ character and sense of community
  • Participate in weekly manager check-ins, grade-level meetings, before and after-school duties, and school wide meetings and functions
  • Perform duties as assigned
  • Attend all Attend PIR trainings, coaching sessions, and school visits 
  • Minimum of 40+ hours spent at school per week


  • Mission Focus – focuses on IDEA’s core purpose of getting all students into college 
  • Record of Results – holds high expectations for self and others to achieve and surpass intended goals 
  • Managing Others to Deliver Results -- leads team to achieve measurable and ambitious results 
  • Instructional Leadership – leads instructional staff to improve their teaching quickly and measurably through  observations, coaching, data conversations, and effective evaluations 
  • Problem Solving – able to synthesize, analyze, and prioritize data and opportunities to develop strategies, for  achieving quantifiable goals 
  • Coaching & Developing – develops team through formal and informal methods; makes professional development a  top priority 
  • Communication – effectively conveys information using a variety of channels and techniques 
  • Continuous Improvement – proactively identifies opportunities to improve and consistently reflects on past actions  to guide future decisions 

Minimum Qualifications and Experiences: 

  • Education: Bachelor’s degree required
  • Experience:

o Minimum 3+ years of successful full-time teaching experience 

o At least one year of successful full-time instructional leadership experience (assistant principal,  

instructional coach, dean, etc.) 

o Proven track record of personally achieving success and of leading others to improved results  

If you know someone who would be a great fit for this role, fill out this form and you could earn a $200 bonus if they are  hired in the Permian Basin. 


Salaries for people entering this role typically fall between $70,300 and $85,100, commensurate with relevant experience  and qualifications. This role is also eligible for a performance bonus based on based on individual and organizational  performance and goal attainment. For more information about our total rewards, visit our benefits page.

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