Nov 14, 2020

Assistant Teacher for Students with Disabilities Elementary 5B

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  • Centreville, MI 49032, USA

Job Description



Under general supervision, to provide students with appropriate classroom services while assisting teacher in maintaining a learning environment that enables students to achieve the maximum level of academic, emotional and functional independence possible within their individual capacity; to perform a variety of clerical and supportive tasks for instructional personnel; and to perform related work as required.


Able to meet one of the following Michigan Department of Education requirements for approval as an instructional assistant employed in programs for students with disabilities:

1. Be a high school graduate, or equivalent, with an associate degree or have completed two years of college (60 college credits) from a community college or degree-granting institution.

2. Be a high school graduate, or equivalent, that has passed a rigorous standard of quality and demonstration, through a formal state or local academic assessment, that has been approved by the Michigan Department of Education for instructional paraprofessionals to meet the No Child Left Behind act.

3. Be a high school graduate, or equivalent, which has a portfolio assessment that has met the Michigan Department of Education guidelines for instructional paraprofessionals as outlined to meet the No Child Left Behind act.

Responsibility of employee to obtain and maintain all training(s), certificate(s), approval(s), etc. and provide documentation to the business office before expiration date of said document(s).
5. Must have regular and reliable job attendance, performance, and the physical ability to do the job.



1. Assist the teacher with the implementation of individual instructional and/or behavioral plans.

2. Assist the teacher with instruction in the cognitive and emotional domains (i.e. communication, academic, social skills, etc.).

3. Assist the teacher with community based instruction (i.e. functional academics, communication, social skills/behavior training, recreation/leisure, prevocational/vocational training, etc.).

4. Assist the teacher with group/individual activities (i.e. special programs, Talent Show, etc.).

5. Assist the teacher with vocational training, both classroom and off campus.

6. Assist physical education teacher with gym and swim programs.

7. Assist with creative arts program (i.e. music, art, crafts, etc.).

8. Assist the Sub-Teacher in following teacher's lessons plans, completing student correspondence books, daily attendance and lunch counts, etc.

9. Assist in committees for special events and programs during school hours (i.e. Panther Idol, parties, plays, etc.).

10. Work as a team with teachers and other staff to pursue and meet individual performance objectives, collect student data, assist students in personal care and create an organized, positive and safe classroom environment which maintains the dignity of the individual student.


1. Supervise the students during classroom activities, students' lunchtime and during recess periods on the playground.

2. Assist in maintaining student discipline.

3. Assist in supervising emergency situations (i.e. tornado drills, fire drills, etc.).

4. Instruct, assist and supervise loading/unloading of students.

5. Assist the teacher in management of students during arrival and departure activities.

6. Assist the teacher with supervision of students out of the classroom and/or school building (i.e. community based instruction/leisure, inclusion classes, field trips, etc.).

7. Constantly monitor & evaluate the safety of all students and report any concerns to the teacher.


1. Assist the students to and from bus, and other activities outside of classroom.

2. Assist the social worker, speech therapist, and occupational therapist with student therapy objectives.

3. Assist the students with swim class objectives (i.e. dressing, undressing, showering, etc.).

4. Assist with first aid, head lice checks and student safety measures and distribution of medication as needed.

5. Physically assist with aggressive students.

6. Must be able to lift 30 pounds.

7. Required to have a physical presence at the designated job site each scheduled work day.


1. Assist the teacher with classroom clerical and record keeping duties (i.e. attendance, lunch count, base lining, task analysis sheets, filing, duplicating, etc.).

2. Assist the teacher in operating a variety of school equipment (i.e. TV-VCR, computer, copy machine, etc.).

3. Complete accident, incident reports and timeout records/logs, as needed.

4. Participate in yearly CPI, CPR/AED and first-aid training biyearly.

5. Assist the teacher in developing and constructing bulletin boards and room preparation.

6. Assist the teacher in classroom maintenance and room clean-up (i.e. kitchen area, laundry, storage, etc.).

7. Assist the teacher with the preparation of instructional materials and teaching aids.

8. Attend and provide input at student/staff/team meetings and in-service when required.

9. Assist with communication to bus drivers, as directed by teacher.

10. Actively seeks advice and information relating to job.

11. Adhere to the rules of confidentiality.

12. Use universal precautions at all times for personal health and safety.

13. Assist with other school related responsibilities as assigned by both the teacher and/or the St. Joseph County ISD administration.

REPORTS TO: Special Education Supervisor/Principal

PERFORMANCE APPRAISALS: Special Education Supervisor/Principal

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Salary for this position is based on the MEAA Master Agreement

  • Position Type: Full-time
Equal Opportunity Employer
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  • Angela Tesman
  • 62445 Shimmel Rd
  • Centreville, Michigan 49032

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