Nov 20, 2020

Cafteria Monitor

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  • New Bedford, MA, USA

Job Description

Title: Cafeteria Monitor - Temporary School Year

Report to: Assistant Principals

Work Year: School Days less Early Release Days

Performance Responsibilities:

1. Assist students through cafeteria lines by ensuring orderly queues and appropriate behavior.

2. Circulate throughout the cafeteria or in areas where meals are served and /or eating and assisting students who need assistance.

3. Assists with the cleanliness of the cafeteria during and after lunch.

4. Positively manages a large group of students.

5. Assists school personnel in providing supervision in the cafeteria and enforcing student conduct.

6. Escort students to/from class and provide supervision until Teacher returns.

6. Performs other duties as assigned.

The high school lunch monitor will assist school personnel in providing supervision in the cafeteria during all lunch shifts. The incumbent works a three-hour shift, Monday through Friday, on all school days. Schedule may vary upon early release/dismissal days.

  • Position Type: Part-time
Contact Information
  • Ana Haley, CVTE Adm. Asst.
  • 1121 Ashley Blvd.
  • New Bedford, Massachusetts 02745

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