Nov 21, 2020

Special Education Teacher Associate - Level I (Thurs / Fri Only)

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  • Glenwood, IA 51534, USA
Full-time School Support

Job Description

The Glenwood Community School District is taking applications for an opening for a Special Education Associate - Level I. This is a job share position for Thursdays and Fridays only. The hourly wage is $9.92. This position comes with paid leave benefits, IPERS, and a free individual membership to the YMCA. If you have questions regarding the position, please contact Cindy Menendez at 712-527-3034 or [email protected]


Position: Special Education Associate

Qualifications: • Prefer previous experience working with children who have special needs.

• High school diploma or equivalent.

Essential Function: Depends on specific position.

Reports To: Principal, special education teacher, general education teacher, and support staff

Consults With: Special education teacher, and general education teacher

Position Goal: To assist the teacher in maintaining developmentally appropriate classroom activities and learning environment so that children with special needs may learn effectively and reach their maximum potential.

Performance Responsibilities:

• Attendance is necessary to be successful in this position.

• Hears the student(s) in recitation, reading, and other curriculum tasks, guiding, and teaching them under the direction of the special education teacher.

• Performs errands and tasks for student(s), such as sharpening pencils, carrying lunch trays, and the like.

• Under supervision of the special education teacher, works with small groups of students to reinforce material initially introduced by the teacher.

• Accompanies the student(s) as needed when trips to the office or to the school nurse are necessary.

• Establishes as fully as possible a supportive and sympathetic relationship with the student(s) without fostering or encouraging intense emotional involvement.

• Serves as a resource person, if and when requested, to the child's staffing team conferring about one of the students to whom assigned.

• Assists the student(s) to whom assigned in such physical tasks as putting on and taking off of outerwear, moving from room to room, and using the lavatory.

• Collects and records data according to established criteria.

• Helps maintain records for each child as requested by the teacher.

• Helps maintain the classroom learning environment.

• Attends training/inservice opportunities as required.

• Keeps information related to individual children and families confidential.

• Accompanies students to general education classes and assists them in this setting with academic tasks, maintenance of appropriate behavior and other issues as needed.

• Performs other duties as assigned.

• Able to perform CPI restraints as needed.

• Performs outside duties as assigned.

Terms of Employment: Days students are in school. Wage schedules shall be subject to annual review and modification by the Glenwood Board of Education or through the collective bargaining process, where one exists.

Evaluation: Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with provisions of the Board's policy on Classified Staff Evaluation.

  • Position Type: Full-time
Job Categories: Special Education > General Special Education
Instructional Support > Paraprofessional / IA
Equal Opportunity Employer
Contact Information
  • Debbie Schoening
  • 103 Central
  • Glenwood, Iowa 51534

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