Feb 22, 2019

Manager of Academics

  • Rocky Mountain Preparatory School
  • Denver, CO, USA
Full-time Education

Job Description

About Rocky Mountain Prep

There are many public charter schools and many models. Rocky Mountain Prep prides itself on being different. We balance rigor and love - taking head on the challenges that make a person academically successful and building the relationships that make them emotionally independent. We teach our scholars through our PEAK values of Perseverance, Excellence, Adventure, and Kindness, and we strive to value our scholars as people, not just as numbers pointing to achievement. Our model has made us one of the most successful networks in Denver - leading our scholars to both academic success, and more importantly, to a love of learning rooted in a joyful school and a tight-knit community.

RMP is committed to hiring staff representing diverse backgrounds and experiences. We have made it our goal to partner with diverse communities and we know that the better we are at hiring from backgrounds that challenge our own understanding, the better we will be at educating the scholars that need it the most. Diversity means a lot of different things and a Rocky Mountain Prep Teacher is one that embraces what makes them unique and uses that as a guiding force in becoming an excellent educator.

About the Role

The Manager of Academics is responsible for achieving strong student results through the continued implementation and development of our curriculum, partnering with and developing curriculum leads, and leader development to ensure our teachers are intellectually prepared and data-driven.

Responsibilities of the Manager of Academics include:

School Leader Cohort

  • Develops, practices and execute effective leader professional development.
  • Ensures IPP and data meeting priority.
  • Supports all Academic and Development Team professional development and goal setting.
  • Consistently lives norms, and actively participates.

Coaching and Development

  • Deepens content knowledge, internalization of Common Core State Standards and instructional best practices.
  • Observes/Real-Time coaches Assistant Principal’s IPP and data meeting facilitation along with coaching of teachers.
  • Gives Curriculum Leads feedback on curriculum revision and adult facilitation.
  • Weekly/bi-weekly communication (in-person, phone call or email) with APs/Principals to report out on observation feedback, progress, and collaboration.
  • Monthly step-backs with school leaders and/or when applicable.
  • Participates with school admin walkthroughs when possible.
  • Utilizes video analysis and rubrics to develop school leaders and teachers.
  • Coaches for the future by making learning transferable across subjects and situations.

Data Analysis

  • Analyzes observational data and rubric scores for network trends.
  • Analyzes weekly assessment data.
  • Gathers student work to analyze alongside data.
  • Makes network recommendations for standard and item analysis in weekly data meetings.
  • Analyzes interim assessment data to determine progress toward goals and next steps to fill gaps.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • Communicates effectively across lines of difference by listening with curiosity and empathy, recognizing our own biases and reflecting on our communication.
  • Makes explicit the connection between standards-aligned instruction and equity.
  • Owns DEI development based on strengths and areas of growth and proactively sets goals and next steps to address these either during evaluations, steps back, etc.

Special Services

  • Has the mindset and lens that everyone owns students supports and special education and coaches with this belief in mind.
  • Is committed to serving all scholars at RMP and ensuring that all have access to CCSS and grade level work.
  • Has lens of Tier 1 supports and scaffolds in IPP, data meetings, and coaching.

Skills and Characteristics:

  • Culture Add - Internalizes RMP’s mission and vision and excites others about what’s possible for our scholars, families, and communities. Understands the importance of RMP being a diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization; shows daily commitment to diversity and mission, including various perspectives in work.
  • Core Values -  Internalizes, embodies, champions, and holds others accountable to the RMP core values of perseverance, excellence, adventure, and kindness. Brings a diverse perspective, a strong desire to learn, and a spirit of generosity and curiosity to the team.
  • Drive for Results and Efficiency - Positions Rocky Mountain Prep for success by establishing challenging yet achievable performance goals, aligning systems and processes to deliver on our priorities, and managing and allocating financial, staffing, and other resources to execute plans towards targets.
  • Instructional Leadership - Maintains a laser-like focus on academic achievement and continues to grow and develop an encyclopedic knowledge of best practices in student, family, and staff engagement, culture, data-driven instruction, and achievement.
  • Service Orientation – Builds relationships with others by acting with the needs of stakeholders in mind. Facilitates delivery of solutions that meet expressed and unexpressed needs with a genuine desire to assist others and “move the boulders in the road” that impede success.
  • Action Management– Manages and coordinates tasks, develops project plans, monitors performance, and achieves project goals in alignment with outcomes. Works collaboratively to set expectations and standards, to evaluate effectiveness, and to hold people accountable to meeting commitments.

Educational Background and Work Experience

  • At least 4 years of teaching experience preferred, demonstrating outstanding results with scholars, growth and absolute bar (mastery) of grade level standards. At least 1 year of experience coaching and leading effective development of adults towards outstanding results.
  • Ability to plan and lead professional development.
  • Deep understanding of common core state standards and instructional best practices.
  • Curriculum design experience highly preferred.
  • Show evidence of ability to produce a body of work - data analysis, project management.
  • Ability to provide an official transcript demonstrating graduation from an undergraduate institution, provide evidence of passing the Praxis 5001 exam or other Colorado Department of Education approved test scores, and pass a background check.
  • Eligibility to work in the United States

Rocky Mountain Prep offers competitive salary and benefits packages commensurate with experience.

RMP is an equal opportunity employer. We seek applicants of diverse background and hire without regard to color, gender, religion, national origin, citizenship, disability, age, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic protected by law.

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