Mar 11, 2019

Leadership Coach

  • Big Rock Educational Services
  • Dallas, TX, USA
Full-time Consulting Data Evaluation and Analysis Executive Leadership Research Strategy and Planning

Job Description

Why we do this work
Our underlying belief is that every student should have the opportunity to achieve success
and our work equips school leaders with the tools to run exemplary schools. We know from
research and studying the best practices of high performing school leaders; the ones that
identify, prioritize, and have the disciplined action to consistently implement the highest
impact systems or “big rocks” produce the highest student achievement.

What is BRES

Big Rock Educational Services (BRES), LLC is a hands-on, collaborative and metrics-based
consulting service partnering with traditional public district schools, charter schools and
leader training organizations. We help school and district leadership teams focus on what
drives student achievement while building their leadership capacity to lead exemplary
schools. Since its founding in 2014, BRES has worked nationally in over 100 schools spanning
across traditional public school systems, charter school systems, and leadership training
organizations supporting campus and network leaders in realizing their respective visions for
excellence. The consultant team at BRES has learned that the most impactful method of
helping schools succeed is not the traditional consulting model, but rather working side by
side with school and district leadership teams, collaboratively achieving goals together, and
building capacity for long-term sustainability.

BRES Impact
To learn more about our organization, our collaborative partners and the results we help
them achieve, click on our BRES Impact Report.

What makes BRES unique

Our unique approach starts from the ground up, and we’re with our clients each step of the
way. We begin with the collection of data and input from the clients we serve centered on the
big rocks of school improvement, leadership development, and teacher development. Once we
collect data on current performance, we collectively establish performance goals or “metrics
for success”. Finally, we work closely with our clients on the implementation and coaching of
these big rocks to meet or exceed the metrics. As we build on and execute off the strategic
plan we co-create, we work alongside our clients. We hold ourselves to the same set of goals
that we support our partners to achieve and know that our shared success is the key to
shifting trajectories for schools and students.

Review and reflect on the following five unique tenets of BRES to help you decide whether
this position may or may not be a good fit for your beliefs and career aspirations:

1. Metrics-based – We establish project goals, define metrics for success and work
alongside school leadership teams and network leaders to meet the metrics.
2. Collaborative – We collaborate with school leadership teams and network leaders
during the entire process.
3. Customizable – We align our systems to school or district priorities.
4. Hands-on – We work alongside school leadership teams and network leaders
throughout the implementation process.
5. Soup to Nuts – We work with school leadership teams and network leaders from
the beginning to the end of the process and create sustainable systems that build
capacity for long-term success.

BRES core values

The following core values outline what we believe and serve as the guiding principles that
inform our work. You might be the right fit for BRES if your beliefs align to these core values:

 Growth mindset - We constantly seek to improve our internal systems, always
asking ourselves the following question, “What is the next way I/we can get better
for the clients we serve and ultimately for student learning?” If you like to
constantly grow and push yourself and seek coaching on a weekly or more basis,
this might be a good fit for you.
 Team player - We are constantly giving and receiving feedback to one another in
the spirit of generosity and to arrive at the best possible outcome. Thinking as a
BRES team rather than BRES consultant means that major learnings and best
practices are shared and used by all staff and thus delivered to the clients we serve.
If you seek to share your knowledge and insights and learn from others, this might
be a good fit for you.
 Data-based decision making - The best decisions are made based on data and not
personal feelings. If the following statement resonates with you, “I enjoy making
decisions and coaching others based on data and proof points from those who have
achieved success rather than what I think or feel", this may be a good fit for you.

The Position

This position is full-time. The following is an approximate allocation of time the Leadership
Coach would spend working with clients collaborating and implementing metrics-based

 60%: Coaching & Implementation
The LC works alongside the school, department, or organizational leaders to
implement the necessary steps to achieve the project goal using data arrived from a
school diagnostics and/or extensive collaboration.
 20%: School Diagnostics
The LC successfully diagnoses where a school or network stands with respect to
planning and implementing big rocks. These diagnostics are customizable,
objective and data-based.
 10%: Internal Coaching & Professional Development
The LC will receive weekly feedback and coaching sessions with one or more
members of the BRES team.
 10%: System Creation / Revision
The LC works with clients and other members of the BRES team to improve
internal systems and coaching guides to better enable clients to meet project goals
and metrics tied to student achievement.

What the Leadership Coach would do

Collaborate with school leadership teams and network leaders on the following big rocks:
 Strategic Planning
 Time Management
 Data Driven Instruction
 Student Culture Systems (school-wide and in-class culture &
behavior management)
 High Impact Instructional Strategies
 Observation and Feedback Systems
 Additional Instructional Systems


 Proven track-record of high achievement with leading school leaders or leadership
teams to produce measurable gains
 Evidence of self-motivation and willingness to be a team player
 Bachelor’s degree is required
 Three or more years of teaching experience in an urban public or charter school
 Two or more years of experience in school or network leadership
 Alignment to BRES’s unique approach and core values


Salary is commensurate to experience and we offer a competitive benefits package.

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