Feb 13, 2021

Speech and Language Pathologist Assistant-District Office-Student Services

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Full-time Education

Job Description


Under direct supervision of a licensed Speech and Language Pathologist (SLP), the Speech and Language Pathologist Assistant (SLPA) performs a variety of tasks: assisting SLP and staff in the development of an instructional program by working with students on Individual Educational Plan (I.E.P.) goals individually or in small/large groups; preparing instructional materials; maintaining classroom discipline; conducting planned activities using SLP designated methods and materials; aptitude and skill in working with the particular disabilities or learning needs of students.

18 years of age or older.High School Diploma or GEDSLPA Certification through an approved program.Experience in supporting students and families in accessing school and community resources to address academic and non-academic obstacles to student learning.Possess and maintain a valid Oregon Driver's License.
Communicates effectively and appropriately in both oral and written form.Communicates effectively in Spanish or Russian (if assigned) in both oral and written form.Understand and follow oral and written instructions.Communicates with students and parents in a professional manner when providing services.Excellent organizational skills for effectively managing multiple tasks.Knowledge of federal and state Educational and Special Education law and regulations sufficient to ensure compliance.Complete all district required state and federal training programs.Provide a rigorous learning experience for students from a diverse cultural and economic background.Provide a rigorous learning experience for students with disabilities.Collaborate and communicate effectively with student, family, school community partners, school consultants to address barriers to the student's educational setting.Conducts assessments of students to determine student needs.Observes students in learning and educational activities to determine impact of academic and non-academic obstacles within an educational setting.Analyzes student assessment results and assists teachers, SLPs and others to implement appropriate instructional and educational interventions.Creates written reports of student performance results and makes these available to the educational team in a timely manner.Participates in professional development activities to further professional skills. Complies with professional development activities as required by the District.Conducts classroom observations, under the direction and supervision of a Speech and Language Pathologist (SLP) for possible disability eligibility under IDEA.Has a clear understanding of PBIS including implementation supports, on-going quality assurance supports of PBIS, designing and implementing professional development opportunities for staff.Assists in the instruction of students in group or one on one settings, often without direct teacher/SLP supervision; revises lesson plan or teaching strategy during instructional activity as necessary to achieve IEP goals and objectives.Assists teachers/SLP in the planning and implementing learning experiences for students enrolled in a special education program; confers with teacher to provide feedback on student performance, progress, and testing activities.Assists in monitoring classroom management in accordance with the district's discipline procedures, which may include the physical restraint, physical movement, lifting and carrying of students. Supervises students in and outside of the classroom with an understanding of and provision for a safe environment.Performs various clerical functions in student record keeping, monitors assignments, maintain accurate files, and other related functions.Assists with the supervision of students during emergency drills, assemblies, and play periods.Alerts the teacher/SLP to any problem or special information about an individual student.Establishes and maintains a positive and respectful learning environment and working relationship with students, staff, administration, parents/guardians, and community members.Participates in various meetings for the purpose of receiving information or sharing information and expertise with students, colleagues, and parents/guardians.Provides direct student IEP services under the direction and supervision of a Speech and Language Pathologist.Assesses results of performance for improvement on a regular basis.Maintains a high level of ethical behavior and confidentiality when dealing with student and staff information.Follows all safety rules and takes all reasonable precautions to provide a safe and secure working environment.Demonstrates support for District Core Values, District Mission, District Strategic Plan.Collaborates and confers with students, parents, colleagues, and community members in a harmonious and respectful manner.Assists parents and community members as needed.Demonstrates an awareness of and sensitivity to multicultural and multilingual values and environments.Complies with professional development activities as required by the District.Holds expectations for high performance of self and students.Demonstrates computer literacy and operates software programs as related to job responsibilities.Maintains accurate, complete, and confidential records as required by law and District policy and regulations.Maintains the integrity of confidential information relating to a student, family, colleague, or district patron, and uses or relays academic, social, or personal information only in the course of performing assigned responsibilities and in the best interest of the individuals involved.Follows all laws, District policies, rules, regulations, memos, announcements, and reasonable requests by proper authority.Maintains regular attendance at work and work activities, and is punctual in meeting deadlines, attending meetings, and following schedules.
Criminal Justice Fingerprint ClearanceThe employee is expected to be dressed and groomed in a neat, clean, and appropriate professional manner for the assignment and work setting.This position is performed primarily indoors in school buildings and offices, although some outdoor work or supervision may be required.In cases in which the employee is required to travel between sites, the employee is responsible for his/her own travel and will be reimbursed for approved mileage.Possible exposure to bodily fluids due to student or employee illness or injury.May be required to obtain a First Aid and/or CPR Card and serve as a Delegated Caregiver or Designated First Aid Provider.May be required to translate and/or interpret.Occasionally performs other duties as required by supervisor.

Physical Work Requirements:




If yes, see addendum to Speech and Language Pathologist Assistant description.

See addendum


Current work year of approximately 191-201 days, subject to change. May include extended contract hours or days. Salary and benefits based on current District Salary Schedule and negotiated agreement.


Performance will be evaluated in accordance with applicable District Performance Standards and District Policy and Regulations concerning personnel evaluation.

  • Position Type: Full-time
Job Categories: Instructional Support > Speech/Language Assistant
Special Education > Speech/Language Assistant
Special Education > Speech/Language Pathologist
Student Services > Speech/Language Assistant
Student Services > Speech/Language Pathologist
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