Mar 12, 2021

6th Grade Teacher at Scio Middle School

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  • Scio, OR 97374, USA

Job Description

2021-22 - Scio Middle School Language Arts, Math and Science Teacher

Outdoor School Coordinator

Scio School District pays PERS

Applicant requirements: Teacher Application, 3 LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION & Cover Letter.

Min & Max Starting Salary - $37,536.62 - $66,252.13


Reports to:Building Principal

Bachelor's Degree required. Hold or be eligible to hold an Oregon Teaching License. Hold appropriate endorsement(s)

Successful completion of student teaching assignment. Previous teaching experience in subject area and/or level desirable.

Demonstrate knowledge and skill regarding the components of effective instruction. Demonstrate knowledge of content and teaching methods in area(s) of teaching assignment. Demonstrate knowledge of developmental needs of students. Demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills. Have the of ability to establish and maintain cooperative relationships with school personnel, students and parents. Use of positive, proactive communication and maintaining harmonious working relationships is required. Demonstrate understanding and empathy necessary for working with students. Have the willingness to advance district and building priorities. Consistently demonstrate positive, proactive communication that is open, honest and direct.


Instructional Planning
Plan instruction consistent with the district approved curriculum and outcomes for assigned subjects area(s)/gradelevel(s). Demonstrates conceptual knowledge of content and teaching methods in areas of teaching assignment. Set clear, student-centered objectives at appropriate level. Utilize approved texts and supplementary materials. Establish instructional timelines which accommodate units of learning. Plan instruction to integrate curricular content areas and demonstrate a relationship among curricular concepts, student activities, and learning outcomes. Plan instruction based on formal and informal assessment of student abilities and needs. Gather diagnostic data and prescribe appropriate goals and objective for students. Monitor learning through a variety of methods and adjust instructional planning accordingly. Plan use of assessments appropriate for measuring student achievement of district outcomes.

Plan effective use of class time. Allocate appropriate amounts of time for instruction. Organize materials and instruction to maximize learning opportunities.

Instructional Interaction (teaching)
Apply principles of teaching/learning to enhance student achievement. Communicate high expectations for student learning Explain learning objectives and tasks with clarity. Use effective motivation and reinforcement techniques. Select teaching and practice strategies appropriate to the objective. Use effective strategies for retention of learning. Teach thinking, problem-solving, and decision making skills. Teach goal setting, time management, cooperative and independent learning skills Implement an instructional design to reach learning outcomes. Use a variety of teaching materials effectively Provide relevant examples and modeling Pace learning activities according to the needs of students. Maintain focus on instructional tasks Check for understanding Provide a review of relevant concepts and re-teach if necessary Assist students in making transitions from one objective/activity to another. leverage district and community resources to meet students needs. Modify instruction to meet student needs. Pace presentation of objective to match student achievement level and difficulty of task. Offer the learner alternative ways of achieving objectives. Adjust instructional strategies based on feedback from the learners. Communicate effectively with learners Clearly present content and skills Provide clear, concise, and reasonable directions. Offer appropriate levels of questioning and response. Solicit students ideas and integrate these into instruction. Involve students in the recall of relevant concept and principles. Allow appropriate time when seeing student responses. Seek clarification of student responses when needed. Provide for and maintain student involvement during instruction Provide appropriate and frequent feedback Provide for active participation Provide opportunities for questioning, speculation, and originality. Structure opportunities for students to relate instruction to their prior learning and experiences. Hold students accountable for completion of work. Integrate technology as a tool to enhance student outcome. Model the use of technology Encourage students to use technology Teach with technology as appropriate.

Assessment of Instruction
Use the assessment of student outcomes to measure the effectiveness of instruction. Design and implement a variety of assessment strategies relevant to area(s) of study and student outcomes. Gather and use student feedback regarding instructional experiences Gather and use parent and/or other feedback. Revise instruction and plan objectives based on continuous assessment of student outcomes. Communicate students progress to student, and parent/guardian. Communicate with learner about his/her needs and progress. Use district reporting procedures when appropriate. Provide appropriate and timely information to parents/guardians based on students needs. Consistently use positive, proactive, and effective communication with student, parents, and staff. Communicate frequently with and involve parents in school work improvement process

Instructional Management
Attend to tasks in a manner which maximizes instruction. Organize classroom space and materials for effective use by students Modify instruction in response to unexpected events. Attend to routine tasks in an effective, efficient, and timely matter. Maintain required and necessary student records in a accurate and thorough manner. Complete record keeping as necessary for Federal, State and District requirements. Maintain student records throughout the school year to insure records are current. Plan for effective use of additional human resources in the classroom. Plan activities to be implemented by others. Participate in appropriate scheduling. Evaluate the effectiveness of these others in meeting instructional goals.

Learning Environment
Address the changing needs of students to enhance their self-esteem. Cooperate with other school personnel and community agencies in addressing individual student needs. Promote the student taking responsibility for his/her own learning environment to encourage lifelong learning. Respond to human events that impact the student's learning environment. Establish conditions under which students exercise self-discipline, honesty, leadership and citizenship. Encourage students expressions of respect for one another, self pride, and success. Provide opportunities for students to fulfill classroom/school leadership roles. Promote proper study habits and completion of assignments. Establish clear expectations for appropriate behavior. Recognize and reinforce acceptable behavior in a caring manner. Utilize an approach to student needs and feelings which is firm, fair, friendly, sensitive, and consistent. Communicate appropriate expectations for student learning and provide opportunity for student success. Serve as a model for students by showing sustained effort, caring for students, and enthusiasm for learning. Establish consequences for inappropriate behavior Recognize student problems and suggest appropriate alternatives. Utilize appropriate behavior management techniques. Communicate frequently with and involve parents in the behavior improvement process.

Professional Responsibilities
Accept responsibility for professional growth plan. Analyze previous formative and summative data and teacher position description to develop performance objective(s) for Professional Growth Plan. Implement and revise the Professional Growth Plan as needed, using self-analysis and assistance from others as appropriate. Compile data to reflect personal progress while working on performance objective(s). Meeting annually with evaluator to analyze progress towards Professional Growth Plan based upon documentation. Also report to the evaluator at each formal observation post conference. Regarding progress on the Professional Growth Goal attainment process. Demonstrate learning from participation in professional growth opportunities. Participate in staff development activities, continuing education courses and/or professional organization. Remain current in content area(s) and methods. Improve teaching skills through the use of self-evaluation. Accept constructive feedback and direct it toward implementing improvement skills. Adhere to the code of ethics of the teaching profession of the State of Oregon Recognize problems and actively contribute to their resolutions. Offer assistance for resolving problems within the school environment. Assist administrators in modifying school procedures and resolving issues. Communicate directly with the individual involved or the administrator to resolve problems or issues in a confidential, positive and professional manner. Communicate in a positive, proactive manner and maintain harmonious working relationships with staff, students, parents and the general public. Collaborate with others to fulfill responsibilities related to building and district values, mission, priorities, and outcomes. Initiate and/or support ideas which contribute to the excellence of building and district programs. Participate in cooperative planning with colleagues and/or community. Support school/district values, mission, priorities and outcomes and assume a proactive role in achieving them. Consistently use positive and effective communication with students and staff. Communicate in an open, direct and proactive manner. Promote parent/community relations and responsibilities. Insure students awareness of proper emergency procedures within the building. Recognize hazardous situations and take appropriate action. Report and fulfill legal responsibilities pertaining to any information involving suspected danger to the health and safety of the child.

Accept and fulfill assigned responsibilities and duties in a prompt and efficient manner. Follow Board of Education Policies, building procedures, and other rules, regulations, or procedures that may be established by the District or building administration. Perform other duties as may be assigned by the administration. Takes all reasonable precautions to provide for the health and safety of the students and to protect equipment, materials and facilities. Be responsible for district keys as assigned.
  • Position Type: Full-time
Contact Information
  • Gary Tempel
  • 38875 NW FIRST AVE
  • Scio, Oregon 97374

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