Mar 20, 2021

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  • Sharon, MA, USA
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Job Description

Sharon Public Schools is seeking a paraprofessional to support students with Autism Spectrum Disorders in a specialized program. The successful candidate would possess strong communication skills both oral and written, and the ability to work with different staff members in a variety of settings. The position requires 1:1 instruction under the supervision of the specials education teacher. Experience working with students with ASD and an understanding of the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis is preferred. This is a school year position with possibility of summer employment in the Extended School Year Program based on student need.
  • Position Type: Full-time
  • Positions Available: 1
Job Category: Instructional Support > Paraprofessional / IA
Location Description
About the Town of Sharon:
Sharon, MA is located 22 miles midway between Boston and Providence, it has access to Boston and Providence via MBTA commuter trains, and to New York City and Washington, D.C., via Amtrak trains at nearby Route 128 station. Its population of 18,000--32 percent are children under 19, 56 percent are adults 25-64 years, and 10 percent are seniors over 65--lives mostly in single-family houses ranging from relatively modest ranches to luxury properties. Many town residents have second- and third-generation family roots in Sharon, but the town is also notable for its diversity and openness to newcomers. An Interfaith Clergy Council and an "Affirming Diversity" group foster cooperative understanding among several varieties of Christian and Jewish congregations, an Islamic mosque, and a Unitarian church as well as adherents of Eastern religions, and the group sponsors an annual Martin Luther King Day Celebration.

The Sharon School Department oversees a high school, a middle school, and three elementary schools, all of which are committed to excellence in educating students. Sharon High School sends 96% of its graduating seniors on to institutions of higher learning.

Beauty and diversity are the key words for Sharon, an attractive community among its neighbors Canton, Norwood, Walpole, Foxboro, Stoughton, Mansfield, and Easton.

Heights Elementary School, The 3R's And The 3C's:
The Heights Elementary School is committed to creating a learning environment in which every student is challenged to be the best he/she can be academically, socially, and emotionally. To this end, we are committed to the values of the 3 C's - Caring, Compassion, and Consideration. As a result of the goal setting by the School Council, we have integrated the Heights 3 R's, Rights, Responsibilities, and Respect into the values that represent our school. We believe that a combination of the 3 C's and the 3 R's provide a climate for life long learning.

Caring - Compassion - Consideration

You have the right to a safe learning environmentYou have the right to be treated with respectYou have the right to protect yourself emotionally and physicallyYou have a right to be heardYou have the right to an excellent educationYou have the right to an apology when you are wrongedYou have the right to be protected and defendedYou have the right to your own ideas and opinions as long as you don't read on the rights of others to express theirsResponsibilities
You are responsible for your behavior, all the time, everytimeYou are responsible for how you treat people and what you say and how you say it and what you do and who you areYou have a responsibility to be respectful to adults and fellow studentsYou have a responsibility to study and do your bestYou are responsible for apologizing when you are wrongYou have a responsibility to practice safetyYou have the responsibility to be justYou have the responsibility to listenYou are responsible for protecting those younger or less capableYou have the responsibility to respectfully communicate your issueYou are responsible for being a good role model for those who are younger than youRespect
We must always treat each other with respectWe must all practice the language of respectIt must start with the adults, so that it can filter down to the children:
adults treating adults with respect,adults treating children with respect,and children treating adults with respectWe must respect each other's customs and traditionsWe must learn what we can about each other and from each otherWe must respect everyone's right to learn by maintaining an environment which is conducive to learningIt can change our todays and tomorrows. Learn more about us...

Equal Opportunity Employer
The Sharon Public School system does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, national origin, sex, disability, religion, or sexual orientation.
Job Requirements
  • Experience with students with Austism Spectrum Disorders and ABA preferred.
  • At least 3 years of relevant experience preferred
  • Bachelor degree preferred
  • Citizenship, residency or work VISA in United States required
Application Questions
There are no application questions required for this job posting.
Contact Information
  • Jessica Murphy
  • District Office
  • 75 Mountain Street
  • Sharon, Massachusetts 02067
  • Phone: 781-784-1570
  • Fax: 781-784-1573
  • Email: click here

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