May 03, 2021

Regional Lead, DDI & Achievement

  • KIPP Texas
  • Houston,TX
Full-time Special Education Support

Job Description

Company Description

KIPP Texas Public Schools is a nonprofit public charter school network, dedicated to preparing students in educationally underserved communities for college success and choice-filled lives. Today, KIPP Texas operates 59 public charter schools educating over 31,100 students across four regions - Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio. KIPP Texas is part of the national KIPP network of 255 college-preparatory public charter schools in 20 states and the District of Columbia. KIPP schools are part of the free public school system and enrollment is open to all students. Nationwide, KIPP students complete four-year college at a rate of 36 percent, comparable to the national average for all students and approximately three times higher than the average of students from low-income families.
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Job Description

The Opportunity
The Regional Lead, DDI & Achievement is an exciting opportunity for an individual with deep knowledge of data-driven instruction, data analysis, progress monitoring and curriculum and instruction to play a critical role in one of KIPP's most progressive reform efforts in order to drive improved student results, including growth and achievement, college and career readiness, and closing the achievement gap.
Position Overview
The Regional Lead, DDI & Achievement is responsible for ensuring regions take a strategic approach to reaching its academic goals by engaging with regional and school leaders in professional dialogue about best practices in order to improve and accelerate student achievement through quality curriculum and instruction. They will consistently demonstrate their experience in the data-driven instruction, data analysis, progress monitoring, and curriculum and instruction to improve student results.
General Role Description
  • Data Driven Instruction | Ensure teachers, school leaders, and regional leaders have knowledge and skills to effectively implement data driven best practices through professional development and coaching. • Data Analysis | Responsible for analyzing data at student-level, teacher-level, school-level and regional-level to identify strengths and opportunities and make bold recommendations based on data.
  • School Metrics and Progress Monitoring | Create, monitor and improve progress monitoring systems in place for school and regional level so that each school and region is set on a path to achieve 2020 goals and beyond. • School Improvement | Co-craft school improvement plans that details support, resources, and turnaround metrics and makes strong recommendations based on research-based best practices in school improvement, teacher quality, curriculum, and instruction.
Duties and Responsibility
The Regional Lead, DDI & Achievement responsibilities will include, but not be limited to the following: • Responsible for achieving ambitious goals aligned to effective execution of KIPP TX Assessment and Achievement priorities, including the following:
  • Regions and schools are implementing effective data-driven instruction practices (Daily Data Dive, Looking at Student Work, Looking at Selected Response)
  • Regions and schools are implementing effective progress monitoring systems (Data Dives, regional APMs, school-based APM) driven through guidance of Deputy COAs and Regional Superintendents
  • Regions and schools are driving towards rigorous, multi-year targets (2024, 2020) and next-year targets (18-19) for MAP, STAAR, ACT, as well as meeting baseline metrics for a healthy school
  • Regions and schools are implementing state assessment strategy with fidelity
  • Lead effective execution of regional progress monitoring systems, particularly as it relates to Academic Progress Monitoring meetings
  • Lead effective execution of data-driven instruction practices, particularly as it relates to Academic Progress Monitoring meetings • Work closely with key members of regional teams (Deputy Chief of Academics, Superintendents, School Management, and Academics team members) and state teams (State Academics Team)
  • Lead regional professional learning aligned to KIPP TX Assessment and Achievement priorities
  • Supervise monitoring of regional academic data and provide reports, analysis, and insights for key stakeholders to ensure region and schools are on track to achieving EOY and 2020 targets
  • Lead dissemination of regional data headlines and insights (regional Data Connection, bi-weekly) • Train school leaders and other stakeholders on how to analyze data, use data to identify gaps and challenges, and how to effectively present data reports to their staff to ensure the school meets its academic outcomes.
  • Co-craft school improvement plans for each Focus Schools that details support, resources and the turn-around metrics. • Advises Data Team on which data to be collected and how often to ensure an effective school turnaround • Advises the CAO and Heads of Schools-Academics regarding all matters pertaining to school performance which require consideration and/or action.
  • Supervise and coordinate all aspects of national, state and local assessments.
  • Progress monitor the region's academic goals and provide bi-weekly updates using data and other measures • Develop systems for identifying, intervening and closing the gap on students who are below grade level • Support regional teaching and learning Team to conduct high-quality data analysis to drive strategic curriculum adjustments


Data Analysis and Expertise
  • Demonstrates ability to analyze a data set and communicate a story that articulates strengths, opportunities, and areas to probe.
  • Deep understanding in foundational statistics to enhance ability to interpret data
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint)
Empathy and Commitment to Cause
  • Deep understanding of the urban school system environment and commitment to improving student achievement • Passionately believes that all students can achieve at high levels
  • Demonstrates cultural competence and a deep understanding of and empathy for issues facing urban families
Communication, Interpersonal and Team Skills
  • Builds and maintains strong relationships
  • Works successfully alone or on a team
  • Coaches, coordinates, and leads teams
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills; tailors message for the audience, context, and mode of communication
  • Actively listens to others and able to effectively interpret others' motivations and perceptions. • Builds consensus and resolves conflicts; exhibits willingness to have difficult conversations • Skillfully navigates existing political structures/systems
  • Is flexible and willing to do whatever it takes to meet outcomes
Problem Solving and Systems Thinking
  • Understands how various systems / departments interact to achieve the long term goal • Makes decisions using data and technology
  • Takes initiative to solve problems and create stakeholder buy-in
  • Identifies and prioritizes mission critical issues with alignment of people, time and resources • Offer innovative solutions to seemingly intractable problems.
  • Exhibits strong focus on goals and results. Sets clear metrics for success
  • Removes barriers or obstacles that make it difficult for principals to achieve their goals and ensures that school leaders have the resources they need to succeed
  • Demonstrates excellent execution and project management skills, including attention to detail, organizational skills, ability to balance the big picture with detailed steps to reach the end goal, and ability to balance multiple projects under tight deadlines.
Leadership skills
  • Motivates, inspires, and moves other adults to action to achieve ambitious goal
  • Skilled at re-envisioning, building, and managing a team, especially in a time of growth and change; excellent at identifying talent and taking advantage of each person's skills and contribution to team effort • Builds and maintains positive relationships with individuals and groups
  • Moves groups to consensus and resolves conflicts. Exhibits willingness to have difficult conversations • Builds coalitions and works collaboratively with diverse stakeholders at all levels, including but not limited to region personnel, students, families, communities, and/or advocacy groups
  • Establishes clear expectations, deliverables and deadlines
  • Sets clear agendas and facilitates effective meetings
  • Ability to train, supervise, and evaluate staff from different cultural backgrounds and skill sets

Additional Information

Compensation and Benefits:
In addition to a competitive salary scale, a part of KIPP Texas' competitive benefits options, KIPP offers all employees an $0 HMO plan for the employee only. In addition to our $0 plan, KIPP provides a $600 employer contribution towards a Health Savings Account and a variety of other supplemental benefits such as Dental, Vision, Short and Long-Term Disability, Pet Insurance, Life, etc.

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