May 14, 2019

Topic Editor, Correlations and Curriculum, Requisition #: vl-

  • Learning A-Z
  • Tucson, AZ, USA
Education Curriculum

Job Description

Cambium Learning? Group is an award-winning educational technology solutions leader dedicated to helping all students reach their potential through individualized and differentiated instruction. Using a research-based, personalized approach, Cambium Learning Group delivers SaaS resources and instructional products that engage students and support teachers in fun, positive, safe and scalable environments. These solutions are provided through Learning A-Z? (online differentiated instruction for elementary school reading, writing and science), ExploreLearning? (online interactive math and science simulations and a math fact fluency solution), Voyager Sopris Learning? (blended solutions that accelerate struggling learners to achieve in literacy and math and professional development for teachers), and VKidz Learning (online comprehensive homeschool education and programs for literacy and science). We believe that every student has unlimited potential, that teachers matter, and that data, instruction, and practice are the keys to success in the classroom and beyond.


This position is responsible for supporting the development of correlations across all Learning A-Z product sites to academic standards, assessments, widely used curricula, and core programs or basal readers. This position is also responsible for supporting the creation of customized curricula using Learning A-Z resources that meet those standards, assessments, and programs. In addition, this position supports the Senior Editor in documenting how Learning A-Z resources meet various state-level and district-level criteria.

Essential Job Functions:

? ???????? Assist with the development of correlation resources, user interfaces, and any supporting documentation through the Production process; collaborate with Engineering team throughout production and deployment cycle.

? ???????? Align literacy and science resources from all Learning A-Z product sites to widely used standards, curricula, and assessments.

? ???????? Conduct quality analysis of correlations, including resource alignments and user interfaces to ensure navigation and contents are as specified.

? ???????? Assist in creating, revising, and enhancing customized curricula, and organize resources into specific curricula according to the intended use.

? ???????? Work with Senior Editor and Product Managers to implement feedback from customers, advisory boards, user-testing evaluation, or other sources of feedback in the development and enhancement of products, correlation resources and customized curricula.

? ???????? Coordinate with supervising editors, contract editors, copy editors, writers, graphic designers, photo researchers, and consultants to ensure on-time delivery of resources.

? ???????? Conduct research and respond to internal questions regarding standards, leveling, and curriculum correlations.

? ???????? Review and edit the work completed by contractors or outside vendors to ensure that they meet the company?s quality standards and best practices in education.

? ???????? Recruit and evaluate potential contractors, vendors, and consultants as requested.

? ???????? Assist in training staff and contractors on correlations-related projects.

? ???????? Ensure that an efficient file management system is followed.

? ???????? Remain informed about trends and innovations in the industry.

Required Qualifications

? ???????? A BA or MA required in education, learning sciences, or a related field

? ???????? At least three years K-8 teaching experience or experience developing curriculum or educational materials for K-8

? ???????? Experience with K-8 English Language Arts curriculum in the areas of writing, reading, and foundational skills as well as familiarity with K-8 science curriculum

? ???????? Two years of experience correlating educational resources or curriculum to state or other standards and assessments

? ???????? Excellent communication skills: communicate clearly, effectively, and professionally both verbally and in writing with members of various teams

? ???????? Strong attention to detail

? ???????? Ability to work independently as well as collaboratively with a variety of personnel

? ???????? Ability to stay organized, take initiative, and meet deadlines

? ???????? Knowledge of Adobe Acrobat Pro and Microsoft Office; work across Mac and PC platforms

Preferred Skills and Abilities

? ???????? 1-3 years of work with an educational publisher or educational website

? ???????? Basic understanding of capabilities and basic functioning of APIs in relation to correlations

? ???????? Experience teaching in multiple subject areas, and across multiple grade levels from K-8.

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