May 28, 2019

Special Assistant - Communications & Community Engagement

$99,750 - $107,100 yearly
  • Baltimore City Public Schools
  • Baltimore City Public Schools District Office, 200 East North Avenue, Baltimore, MD, USA
Full-time Community Engagement and Outreach

Job Description

Job Summary 

The Special Assistant - Communications & Community Engagement position assists the Chief  Communications & Community Engagement Officer in monitoring and managing the day-to-day operation and coordination of activities and services.  Ensures effective liaison, appropriate confidentiality, and coordination with all academic and non-academic departments on matters relating to administration, management, operations and strategic planning.  Represents the Officer and provides leadership and direction for special projects that may have an operational or organizational impact.  Provides direction and insight by participating in the development of policy, organizational and financial analyses.

Preferred Skill Sets 

  • Project Management 
  • Strategic Planning
  • Experience in Communications and Community Engagement 
  • Budget Oversight and Planning 

Essential Functions

  • Coordinates and manages administrative functions and special projects on behalf of the Chief Officer.
  • Consults, advises, and provides leadership for programs and/or initiatives as assigned.
  • Evaluates needs and services, human capital requirements, feasibility and cost effectiveness, performance and accountability, and other aspects of division management.
  • Prepares executive summaries, documents, and correspondence.
  • Drafts and collects pertinent budgetary planning and implementation data
  • Monitors and implements procedures for the distribution and use of funds allocated to implement the division’s management plan.
  • Responds to inquiries about problems, issues, program status, or activities and provides reports to the Chief Officer.
  • Coordinates and provides technical and logistical support for staffing and staffing transfers.
  • Reviews grievances and complaints and assists in conducting administrative assessments.
  • Responds to information requests from City Schools’ central office departments, schools, and the public on matters related to the Chief Officers area of responsibility.
  • Reviews management policies and procedures and prepares reports and memoranda documents applicable to academic and non-academic services and programs.
  • Assists in planning, organizing, and directing policy and organizational analyses on issues and concerns which impact City Schools’ operations.
  • Assists in the development and implementation of the annual master plan and strategic program initiatives.
  • Represents the Chief Officer in various meetings and conferences as required.
  • Coordinates the work of support staff as assigned.
  • Coordinates involvement in community activities, including advisory councils and planning committees.
  • Meets with and may address a variety of groups, including employees, school administrators, public and private agencies, and community agencies on behalf of the Chief Officer.

Desired Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in education, business, management, public administration or related field; Masters degree preferred.  Degree must be from an accredited college or institution.
  • Three years administration experience in public education or related field.


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