Jun 14, 2019

School Design Director

  • City Year
  • Denver, CO, USA
Full-time Curriculum Product and Program Management Strategy and Planning Education

Job Description

Reporting to the Senior Director, School Design, the Director, School Design (Director) will support City Year's and its partner Johns Hopkins University’s (JHU) work to pilot and disseminate competency-based learning models that support the holistic development of students in highest needs schools. The Director will oversee the implementation of a pilot competency-based learning model at Compass Academy that supports holistic student development from a trauma-informed perspective. The Director will develop the strategy and approach to disseminate key learnings and best practices to other City Year school partners. Finally, the Director will support elements of Compass Academy’s high school planning to implement an aligned competency-based approach to learning.


Develop a framework and instructional model for competency-based learning. Utilizing an existing competency-based learning model developed for Compass Academy, you will lead the final design stages to prepare a pilot competency-based learning curriculum. Final design stages will focus on determining the scope and pacing of the pilot, developing the instructional model for delivering content, determining how success is measured, and creating systems for continuous learning and improvement. The model and curriculum will allow students and families to accurately see strengths across a spectrum of measures leading to a stronger connection between planning and goal-setting; students see a destigmatization of IEPs and special education support.

 Support the implementation of a pilot competency-based learning model at Compass Academy. Building off your competency model design work, you will oversee the implementation of the pilot learning model, ensuring all staff is trained and prepared to implement our pilot learning.

 Codify competency-based practices into shareable resources for City Year and JHU’s network of school partners. As we pilot a competency-based approach, you will ensure that key learning is captured into shareable guidance and curriculum resources that are able to be shared across our network and that accurately account for and understand a student's story (shifting to more Inclusive social-emotional skill building). 

 Develop a dissemination strategy for key elements of a competency-based learning model. As we complete our pilot phase of implementation, you will lead our “dissemination/integration” phase, ensuring we have a clear approach to sharing key practices and resources with other school partners.

Design a trauma-informed & universal design approach to competency-based learning. Throughout your design work, you will ensure our competency-based development blends research on trauma-informed practices and universal design for learning with our competency-based approach.

 Support integration between middle school and high school design: as we further build out our high school model you will support high school design efforts and ensure integration in our competency-based approach between the middle and high school.

What you bring:

We are looking for someone who has an interest and desire to improve educational outcomes for young people and seeks to do so through inclusive and meaningful partnerships with schools, community leaders, and families.  This position requires someone who is familiar with school structures and systems and enjoys navigating the complex challenges facing highest need schools to bring about improved outcomes for students.  Additionally, this person is always following the evidence, and enjoys collecting, analyzing, and reporting on qualitative and quantitative data to help improve systems and structures for supporting schools. You will find success if you enjoy building relationships with others, as you will interact with City Year staff across the organization, as well as stakeholders and school leaders across the country.  This is an exciting and fast-paced position that will allow you to exercise your strong organizational and empathy skills to advance new and innovative work.

Specifically, you have:

  • Experience in education, working in a school, preferred
  • Experience with lesson planning and curriculum development, ideally for grades 6-12.
  • Experience, knowledge, and skill with collecting and maintaining data, especially qualitative research
  • Experience, knowledge, and skill in managing logistical and operational elements of a project, especially new efforts where there is a need to create new systems and practices requiring high levels of detail
  • Experience bringing together diverse groups of individuals for a common purpose with positive results
  • Strong strategic thinking, communication, project management and creative problem-solving skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and experience working with school staff, administrators, and external partners.
  • Flexibility and desire to take initiative in an innovative and fast-paced environment
  • Desire work collaboratively and in a team environment
  • Sense of humor and a passion for work that benefits young people, schools, and communities

Compensation and Benefits

Full time employees are entitled to compensation commensurate with experience. Benefits for full time employees include health insurance with Flexible Spending Account, paid vacation, holidays, parental leave, 401K, and more.

City Year is an Equal Opportunity Employer, committed to a diverse workforce. Individuals from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply, including persons with disabilities and veterans.

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