Jun 04, 2021

KaiPod Learning Coach

  • KaiPod Learning
  • Boston, MA, USA
Full-time Community Engagement and Outreach Curriculum Other Education Seasonal/Other Opportunities

Job Description

KaiPod Learning Coach

The job of ‘teacher’ has been stuck in one mode for a long time. Lots of lesson planning, stacks of student essays filling your living room, bad ‘professional development’, and too many out-of-touch principals. We’re creating something new – new for kids, new for educators, and new for families. If you love working with kids one-on-one or in small groups, you’ll love this job. If you love leading hands-on experiences that are motivating and exciting for kids, you’ll love this job. And maybe you’d like to leave school with no teacher-homework, too.

What’s KaiPod?

KaiPod Learning brings together groups of 8 students with a qualified educator in an inspiring learning space. The students in this “KaiPod” are matched by age and are enrolled in a public online school. The online school provides them with a standards-aligned formal curriculum supported virtually by certified teachers. As the Coach, you would be the on-site educator overseeing one KaiPod, supporting students as they engage with their online curriculum. You would also lead additional experiences (interactive projects, field trips, team building and relationships) to enhance the group’s education beyond what a traditional or online school can provide.

Who are you?

You love working with middle school students. You’re a current or former teacher, tutor, camp counselor, paraprofessional, social worker, coach, or mentor. You value 1:1 relationship building and small group experiences over being “on the stage” in front of a big class. You’re looking for the chance to connect with individual kids, learn what motivates them, and lead enrichment experiences and field trips that are hands-on, fun, and dynamic. 

This isn’t for you if you want to: Develop a formal academic curriculum. Grade papers. Lead a traditional lesson in a classroom with 25 kids in desks. This isn’t “teaching” in the old-fashioned sense of the word. This also isn’t for you if you don’t like engaging and partnering with parents. We do a lot of that.  

What does the Learning Coach do?

Very simply, three things:

  1.  Academic teaching/tutoring of one KaiPod. 3-4 hours per day.  Students work through their courses online while you work 1:1 with kids to help them learn and keep everyone on track.
  2.  Enrichment activities. 2-3 hours per day. Science labs, art projects, field trips, book clubs. All the best parts of school, curriculum materials provided, tailored by you to your KaiPod.
  3. Parent communication. 1-2 hours per day. This is as important as the first two. You truly partner with parents. Daily conversations at pick-up and drop-off. Texts and phone calls. Regular email updates. You are the main and constant point of contact for your KaiPod’s parents.

We’re looking for passionate, motivated educators who are excited to take ownership of a single KaiPod while working with a supportive KaiPod leadership team. We are currently recruiting Learning Coaches for Fall 2021 (late-August start date) and for our 4 week summer pilot (late June start date). 

Bachelor’s Degree required

Salary with paid sick days and other benefits. Health benefits for full-time.

Option for shortened hours


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