Jun 18, 2019

Founding Elementary Principal

  • Central Queens Academy Charter School
  • Elmhurst, Queens, NY, USA
Full-time Education

Job Description

Founding Elementary School Principal

The Principal serves as the founding instructional leader of CQA’s elementary school, set to open in August 2021. The principal position is primarily responsible for ensuring the academic achievement of all scholars at high levels, setting instructional direction and developing and managing the school’s academic program, and genuinely and equitably engaging campus stakeholders. The principal supports, develops, and evaluates instructional staff; leads multiple teams at the campus; and has multiple direct reports including all elementary teachers, coaches, and specialist teachers. This position is supervised by the CQA School Director and is a key member of the CQA leadership team.

The founding principal has an opportunity to be a part of developing compassionate global stewards and life-long readers and learners in a progressive environment in the context of supportive, grateful and appreciative families who are excited to collaborate; colleagues who are devoted to their practice, their scholars, and the school mission; and a leadership team dedicated to supporting professional growth by providing feedback and support. 

The ideal Principal whole-heartedly believes in and is passionate about the mission and commitments of CQA Charter Schools and exhibits this through their development, leadership and execution of school culture, staff development, student rigor, and operational responsibilities.


Anticipated start date: While the CQA Elementary School will open its doors to scholars in August of 2021, the Founding Principal position will begin 18 months prior, where she/he will enjoy a full paid 1.5 years of planning, strategizing, meeting families, and learning from peers in a supportive entrepreneurial environment.

Essential Duties and responsibilities, listed but not limited, below:

School Culture

The Principal will…

  • enact and enhance a shared school mission and vision, which clearly defines what the school strives to do and why the school does its work.
  • Build an environment that lives and breathes CQA’s core values.
  • oversee and manage the physical, emotional, and psychological health and safety of all CQA scholars.
  • work to build and maintain a strong, positive, results-oriented school culture where all staff believe that all scholars can achieve when provided with CQA’s Essential Elements and 10 Key Strategies.
  • develop a plan that will foster and utilize the relationships between all stakeholders (scholars, families, and staff) necessary for scholar success.
  • Build relationships and maintain open communications with stakeholders, especially those who are marginalized or traditionally unable to actively participate.
  • continually build and maintain an environment that promotes CQA’s core values and vision while developing a strong sense of community in the school.
  • plan, facilitate, and attend school functions such as parent meetings, open houses, parent learning conferences, enrichment events, etc.




Staff Leadership & Development

The Principal will…

  • foster a professional culture focused on improving the capacity of each educator to promote scholars’ social, emotional, and academic development.
  • support educator talent systems to select, support, and retain highly skilled, committed teachers and staff.
  • motivate, lead, and mentor instructional team to better pedagogical practices and increase content expertise to accelerate scholar growth with rigorous expectations.
  • provide instructional staff professional development and instructional support through reviewing instructional documents, observing and providing frequent feedback of classroom instruction, designing and monitoring professional growth plan goals, and facilitate weekly PD/staff meetings in alignment with CQA’s 10-Key Strategies.
  • communicate the trends within the data for the instructional staff, emboldening them to implement the best pedagogical action plans.

Instructional Leadership

The Principal will…

  • manage the curricular design of an academic program aligned to the New York State Learning Standards across all subjects, as well as a focus on scholar-centered instruction, and oversee its proper implementation.
  • build and manage a robust scholar intervention system that meets the needs of all learners with and without mandated services.
  • build and manage a well-rounded, and robust enrichment experience for all scholars.
  • oversee the proper service of all IEP mandates and documented intervention plans AND design a process for measuring and monitoring individual scholar growth.
  • manage the accumulation, disaggregation, and analysis of scholar data to facilitate data-driven instructional decision-making by the instructional leadership team to meet concrete scholar achievement growth goals.
  • develop and implement a plan that will ensure scholar achievement which will be supported by evidence through assessments such as benchmarks, classroom data, parent and scholar feedback and a plan to address scholars who are struggling.

School Operations

The Principal will…

  • be an organizational leader and will collaborate with the School Director to ensure effective fiscal and operational practices in support of school achievement.
  • be responsible for, but not limited to, the following: creating the school schedule, create and facilitate stakeholder events, manage the facility use, and ensure scholar enrollment targets are met.
  • work in deep collaboration with the Director of Operations to strategically manage operational systems that promote each scholar’s social, emotional, and academic development.


Experience, Education & Skills Qualifications 

Ideal candidates will possess the following qualities/skills/values:

  • Proven leadership and team building skills with the ability to take charge of a situation and support others.
  • Ability to manage time and work in a fast-paced, dynamic school environment, multi-task, prioritize and stay calm under pressure.
  • Excellent interpersonal communication and writing skills.
  • Personal and professional dedication to public education and high expectations for scholars in New York City.
  • Ability to quickly and efficiently analyze process as a means to focus on results.
  • Demonstrated ability to collaborate deeply with colleagues.
  • Commitment to demonstrate love and joy towards scholars, colleagues, and the work.
  • Self-starter and motivated to “think outside the box.”
  • Flexibility, professionalism, creativity and a willingness to learn. 
  • Reflective learner looking for feedback and not afraid of failure.

Candidates must have:

  • 4+ years’ experience leading at the elementary school level, with a history of improving urban schools, increase student achievement, and a passion for education reform.
  • 8+ years’ experience teaching at the elementary school level with a history of increasing student achievement, and a passion for education reform.
  • Extensive experience working with IEPs
  • Extensive experience building literacy skills in emerging English language learners.
  • Master’s degree & Administrative credential required.
  • Bi-lingual highly preferred.

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