Jun 20, 2019

Impact Manager

  • City Year
  • Chicago, IL, USA
Full-time Product and Program Management Education

Job Description

The Impact Manager (IM) is responsible for driving the successful implementation of the Whole School Whole Child (WSWC) service model by building and cultivating strong school partnerships and developing and training a team of committed, idealistic leaders and school practitioners. The Impact Manager plays a crucial role in leading a team of AmeriCorps members (ACM) through a ten-month long journey of learning, reflection and service in schools (civic action) that builds their civic capacity and civic identity.

Job Description


Service Impact Delivery: Oversee the execution of City Year’s WSWC Tier 1 supports and Tier 2 interventions.

• Oversee the implementation of whole school and class service; includes instructional support, thematic events, culture and climate

• Provide structure and common understanding of service model between HQ, the site, AmeriCorps members (ACMs), and service partners

• Create clear, realistic and measurable objectives for accomplishing WSWC goals

• Actively support AmeriCorps Members in service by providing regular observation and coaching to ensure they meet performance standards for service excellence.

• Facilitate training for AmeriCorps Members around all components of the WSWC model

• Capture best practices and share with the larger City Year community of practitioners

• Analyze and use data from teacher and AmeriCorps member (ACM) surveys, student, school and district level data and classroom observations to explain trends and identify opportunities to improve: interventions, whole school and class service and AmeriCorps Member (ACM) performance

• Oversee one of seven coordinator role positions that the AmeriCorps members execute in addition to their service delivery with students. Areas include: Attendance, Academic, After School Programming, SocioEmotional Learning, Positive School Climate, Outreach, and Resource In-Kinding.

Corps Impact Delivery: Guide ACMs to meet their service performance requirement and leadership development potential.

• Inspire the ACMs to embrace a culture of power and idealism using City Year leadership tools, team building exercises, organizational culture and best practices

• Use performance management tools to set performance expectations, identify strengths and development opportunities and partner with each ACM on a development plan to maximize leadership potential

• Ensure ACMs are committed to student success and equipped to meet City Year standards as practitioners in their school

• Support the management of ACMs to meet City Year professional standards and to meet all hours and graduation requirements

• Effectively translate information and messages from various stakeholders (the school, City Year, the community) to ACMs so they understand and are empowered but not overwhelmed

• Manage, lead and develop Returning AmeriCorps members (RACMs)/Team Leader(s) to ensure they are empowered to assist with leading teams of ACMs

Partner Impact Delivery: Build and cultivate relationships with key stakeholders to enhance service performance and ensure partners want to retain a City Year team the following school year.

• Build a strong partnership with school leaders including principals, teachers, and other key decision makers by demonstrating an understanding of the school’s priorities and working collaboratively to craft and implement solutions that leverage ACM talent and align with City Year WSWC outputs, outcomes and impact goals.

• Maintain a strong presence in schools by cultivating and maintain key relationships

• Use student data strategically to gain support for initiatives and interventions

• Coach ACMs on developing productive partnerships with teachers and other student support staff

• Help cultivate strategic community relationships to enhance service performance • Access and leverage community resources in support of our program and initiatives led by the school


• Bachelor’s Degree preferred

• Proven relationships and experience working with/in Chicago Public Schools or as a contracted provider with Chicago Public Schools is a plus

• Experience with and the ability to work with principals, assistant principals, and teachers regarding meeting shared goals which includes having difficult conversations around partnership accountability

• Previous experience leading individuals and teams to achieve goals

• Demonstrated ability to work with diverse teams of young adults which includes experience coaching young people and working with diverse populations

• Excellent written and verbal communication skills including active listening skills

• Excellent facilitation skills and the ability to train other around the Whole School, Whole Child model

• Demonstrated organizational, project, and financial management capabilities

• Strong problem solving, time and project management skills; ability to prioritize projects and tasks, assess and deploy resources

• Ability to execute a strategic plan and motivate staff

• Willingness to take on new challenges, pursue self-development and self-directed learning

• Ability to work as an independent leader and as a team member in a collaborative environment

• Proficiency in computer skills (i.e. MS Office) and experience using databases to document service work

• City Year/AmeriCorps/Peace Corps experience is a plus

• Passion for working with urban youth, developing young leaders, national service, and education reform

• Strong connection to City Year culture and values, for more information visit: https://www.cityyear.org/aboutus/culture-values

Required Documents

A cover letter and resume must be submitted to be considered for this position. Preferred resume formats will depict not only a candidate’s responsibilities and job functions in previous work, but will include specific, quantitative results where applicable. Additional quantitative context around specific budget sizes, team sizes, or other work environment information will help City Year compare the scale of your work environment with our operations.

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