Jul 21, 2021

Testing Coordinator

$41,000 - $64,000 yearly
  • Espanola High School
  • Española, NM, USA
Full-time Administrative Curriculum Data Evaluation and Analysis Education School Support

Job Description

General Job Function:  

  • Maintain and train staff on Test Security Measures
  • Secure and maintain all Test Materials and Content
  • Monitor and Report Test irregularities and Security Breaches-contact parents, supervisor and DTC and
  • Complete state irregularities forms
  • Work with site Administrators and District Test Coordinator for all assessment coordination from beginning to end.


Logistics/Work Expectations

  2. Complete all logistical tasks to prep for all assessments
  3. Prepare testing environment
  4. Identify and assign computer labs
  5. Ensure there are sufficient tables, chairs or desks
  6. Conduct inventory of required supplies, i.e. sharpen pencils, headsets, scrap paper, etc
  7. Verify PAN information on state level with district level
  8. Retrieve information P drive or STARS
  9. Sort and consolidate student test information by grade level and by subject and export from PDF file to Excel—delete information and determine what students Met or Not Met state requirements.
  10. Research past year’s data to determine if students met testing requirements in previous years
  11. Meet with Administrators to determine the Testing Schedule
  12. Export student list from PAN to Excel to create student rosters
  13. Complete rosters and assign labs, test dates, TAs and proctors
  14. Assign Test Sessions to individual students
  15. Inform parents by letter and phone calls, robo call, website, flyers and individual contact with student and assemblies.
  16. Post student rosters in senior classrooms
  17. Complete a log of all contacts who, when, where, why, how.
  18. Print tickets for TAs and prepare bins with necessary supplies
  19. During testing monitor all testing rooms and unlock and lock all test sessions throughout the day.
  20. Reset student sessions when locked out
  21. Participate as Proctors

End-of-Course Exams (EOCS)

  1. Verify students are uploaded from SOAP
  2. Work with TAs to verify rosters on NMEPIC
  3. Print tickets AND prepare all testing materials for Test Administration
  4. Participate as Proctors


  1. Consolidate a list of students that need to test
  2. Work with Bilingual personnel to retrieve list
  3. Receive Certification
  4. Coordinate all Test Administrator certifications
  5. Create test schedule and assign TAs, proctors, subs, etc
  6. Ensure all materials are ready such as pencils, scratch paper, TA manuals, etc.


Issue/Collect Testing Materials

  1. Create a test TA signage form
  2. Issue and collect all test materials to and from Test Administrators prior to and after testing. Check out materials in morning, check-in in materials during lunch, check out materials after lunch, and check in materials at the end of the day. (All assessments)
  3. Coordinate to unlock and lock all testing labs on a daily basis
  4. Identify testing rooms-classroom computer labs
  5. Post appropriate signage around campus to eliminate test irregularities (i.e. , DO NOT DISTRUB SIGNS)


  1. Work with Technology to troubleshoot computers before, during testing and submit work tickets through the Administrators
  2. Work with Technology to ensure computers are updated prior to testing to include computer carts.
  3. Work with Technology to ensure (prior to testing) all computers in each lab to include chrome book carts are turned on and working.
  4. Work with Technology to ensure sure all Icons are updated and installed such as Test NAV, SBA and WIDA. Work with Technology to complete updates/upgrades.
  5. Communicate with Technology to prepare computers (identify non-working computers & submit work tickets).

Submitting Notifications

  1. Work with Administrators to set notifications dates, times
  2. Submit roto calls to parents to inform of testing dates
  3. Submit message through social media and school website
  4. Submit test information through Office personnel for bulletin
  5. Create and post-test information on flyers
  6. Inform all staff and students


Management Responsibilities

  1. Create TA/Proctor schedule
  2. Issue and collect all materials daily
  3. Roll over students from one grade to next for each assessment
  4. Enroll transfer students in all assessments (Contact DTC)
  5. Enroll students in Math and English sessions
  6. Create Student Testing Rosters for TAs
  7. Establish testing schedule and assign Test Administrators and Proctors
  8. Create and manage Test Sessions
  9. Assign and Update User Roles for each assessments
  10. Provide staff with username and password to manage testing sessions
  11. Train staff on managing testing sessions
  12. Enroll students in Math and English sessions
  13. Unlock and lock sessions



  1. Attend District Test Security Training
  2. Training all staff on Test Security Measures and Testing procedures
  3. Verify all students are uploaded to EPIC End of course exams at semester and end of year
  4. Set up testing schedule and monitor testing
  5. Coordinate lab preparation with Technology staff
  6. Train staff on administering EPIC
  7. Notify teachers of test sessions ready on EPIC and verify tests are assigned correctly
  8. Arrange coverage for teachers (60 +minute test)


Test Security

  1. Secure all Testing materials in testing room
  2. Complete inventory of testing materials daily


Administrative Tasks: Make-up Testing

  1. Coordinate and complete all test make-up
  2. Contact parents to inform them that student needs to be in attendance for testing





Certified Staff- BA degree in Education, Business Administration, Technology, School Counseling, or other related fields to Education.


Knowledge/Skills and Abilities:

Knowledge of PED Testing requirements


Resources Used in Performing Job Include (but are not limited to):


Standard Office Equipment (Computer, XEROX machine, FAX, Telephone, etc.


Physical/Cognitive Requirements:


Ability to lift, pull and/or push 50 lbs.


Environmental Conditions:


The noise level in the work environment is usually moderate.


Essential Job Functions:


Work with Test Administrators and Site Test Coordinator for all assessments.


Personal Accountability:


  1. Demonstrates reliability as evidenced by attendance records and punctuality.
  2. Properly notifies supervisor and/or designee of absences or tardiness.
  3. Begins and completes work within the allotted time.
  4. Consistently appears in attire appropriate to the work environment.
  5. Demonstrates skill in the use of equipment including its capabilities, limitations and appropriate/special application,
  6. Protects the District’s resources through appropriate and careful use of supplies and equipment.
  7. Utilizes appropriate body mechanics to aid in the prevention of muscle strain/injury.
  8. Other duties, as assigned.

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