Aug 09, 2019

2019-20 College Counselor - Brio College Prep

  • Ednovate Charter Schools
  • Los Angeles, CA, USA
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Job Description


The College Counselor will have two primary functions: guiding students in their college search and application process, and teaching lessons to students, in order to achieve 100% college acceptance; additionally, the college counselor will work closely with our instructional and advisory teams to engage their support in the college process.

About Us

Brio College Prep is the fourth innovative high school of the Ednovate Network. Our mission is to empower our students to use their college degrees and careers to make a positive multigenerational change. Located in Downtown Los Angeles, we provide students and families a safe and nurturing school culture that has high expectations and that delivers a rigorous and personalized college prep experience. Our innovative classroom approach allows students to learn at their own pace through a curriculum that uses online lessons, digital platforms, small-group learning, coaching and one-on-one instruction. Along with personalizing the learning experience, we care about instilling a deep sense of purpose in our students and developing valuable relationships in our school community. Redesigning the high school experience requires that staff members reflect constantly on the impact of their actions and collaborate to continuously improve their practice.


In the counseling function, the college counselor will meet individually with all students to support their college application process. This includes supporting the search - finding a "best-fit" college, based on students' interests, needs and strengths. In their senior year, students will be guided through the college application process by the college counselor. This also includes supporting students through the financial aid processes - including finding scholarship opportunities and helping student understand financial aid. Ultimately, the college counselor's primary accountability is towards college acceptance - with 100% of students being accepted to a four-year university.

In the teaching function, the college counselor will instruct students around topics in the college search, application and financial aid processes. Additionally, aspects of college life, preparing for autonomy and accessing resources on a college campus will be topics that students need to master through the instruction of the college counselor.

In the team function, the college counselor will be an active participant and accountable team member to our 11th (and eventually 12th) grade team(s). Team members should anticipate learning from and sharing with their colleagues. They will engage in lively debates around planning, student learning outcomes and maintaining a school culture. Teams will be tasked with solving dilemmas as they appear at our school, and team members are the most critical problem-solvers. Team members should neither shy away from conflict nor accountability to results. The primary accountability of a team and its members is measured through our strategic plan goals.


The ideal candidate is:

  • Passionate about increasing the college attainment rate in low-income communities
  • Certain that all students can go to college
  • Entrepreneurial and enjoys having autonomy, flexibility and accountability
  • A collaborative team player who works well with other adults and engages in healthy conflict to get the best results for students
  • Resourceful and persistent, constantly seeking to improve upon results
  • Someone who strives to be the best at what they do and has fun along the way
  • Committed to personalizing learning for each student and willing to learn with us as we innovate in our use of space, time, the role of teachers, and technology
  • Comfortable with a high degree of transparency around results and accountability for results
  • Supportive of our warm/strict discipline model and effective in maintaining a consistent, disciplined classroom
  • A graduate of a four-year university

Wages & Benefits

The salary for this job is competitive and commensurate with experience; a competitive benefit package is included.

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To submit an application, please visit our website at

Ednovate is strongly committed to hiring a diverse and multicultural staff, and we encourage applications from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds. Ednovate does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, handicap, age, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, ethnic origin, or any other reason prohibited by state or federal law.

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