Aug 23, 2019

Lead DevOps Engineer

  • Teachstone
  • Charlottesville, VA, USA
Full-time Education

Job Description

Teachstone is a company focused on the support of great teaching. We do this through the measurement of classroom interactions and improvement of teachers, using our online SAAS platform. Our platform enables our customers to have the best possible experience with our applications in terms of application reliability and responsiveness. We are located in Charlottesville - a great place to put down roots in a community with a tech-oriented startup scene (Charlottesville is like Austin was 10 years ago). You will lead our devops work and eventually build a team, ensuring external customers are thrilled with the response time and reliability of our external-facing applications. enabling development and operations to quickly and reliably promote application changes to non-production and production environments and managing our application infrastructure and vendor relationships.
This is a great role for you if: You have a passion for advancing and continually improving devops automation and practices to keep applications easy to deploy, monitor, and scale. You have significant experience with managing and maintaining a Linux-based application infrastructure You are comfortable working from the command-line and experienced with developing Linux or Unix-based command-line automation You have strong experience doing systems and application automation using at least one command-line oriented general programming language You are very comfortable working with and maintaining virtual machine infrastructure You have experience with writing and managing container-based infrastructure You have experience with Docker and Kubernetes You are comfortable working with AWS and have solid experience with EC2, RDS, Cloudfront, SNS / SQS, Cloudwatch, and Elastic Search or equivalent services with another cloud-based platform You are comfortable performing application-level security scans and analyzing results You are comfortable leading on-call and first line troubleshooting efforts for application issues for Teachstone 24 x 7 x 365 You are familiar with security and data standards such as FERPA, PII, PCI

Primary responsibilities include but are not limited to: Lead our devops efforts Ensure all applications are fault-tolerant, highly-available, follow 12-factor app standards where possible, and make efficient and effective use of computing resources Work closely with our software engineering team, QA team, product management, and senior management team on a regular basis Collaborate with software engineering, product and design teams to ensure that software releases, internal and external, can be done easily (and retracted easily if need be) Manage all application development infrastructure in use at Teachstone Maintain and improve local development environment procedures and practices Lead on-call efforts for all applications at Teachstone, ensuring all applications have thorough, useful monitoring and alerting and keeping our on-call practices efficient and effective Ensure all employees have access to all resources they require to do their jobs while balancing security practices to make sure private data stays private Follow industry-standard security best practices to keep employee data and Teachstone intellectual property safe and secure Lead troubleshooting of vendor-related issues with software engineering team and work with the software engineering team to integrate vendor software into our application infrastructure Be an overall quality leader and support both internal software development efforts and customer support efforts

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