About Us



The mission of TrulyHired is to...

Connect leaders passionate about educational equity and transformation with truly meaningful job opportunities today.



All children deserve access to an excellent and equitable education that prepares them for a successful life of their choosing. 


But our system is failing to achieve this vision. Certain students, especially students of color, are disproportionately underserved. That's why at TrulyHired, we believe we need the right talent, particularly diverse talent that reflects all of our students, serving in meaningful roles at impact-driven education organizations.


We also know a child’s quality of education is only as good as the individuals who shape their learning environment. We understand that nothing within a school is more important than a high-quality teacher in front of each and every student. But standing behind every teacher are professionals running budgets, operations, human capital, data analysis, curriculum innovation, and policy. These support offices and organizations need innovative professionals to support great teachers from outside the classroom.


At TrulyHired, we connect talented, committed JobSeekers looking for impact-driven roles with organizations who aim to make a true difference in the education of our children.



Every individual is uniquely gifted

Every individual, without exception, is uniquely gifted and able to contribute value to society.

Work can, and should, be purposeful, fulfilling, and rewarding

Too many people settle for a mediocre job. We believe that people should believe in the purpose behind their work, find it meaningful and enjoyable, and be fairly compensated.

Great organizations have the right people on the right team, in the right roles

Jim Collins was right when he stated in his modern-day business classic “Good To Great” that what separates great organizations from good organizations is the ability to get the right people on their teams and in the right roles. The number one determinant of an organization’s ability to execute on its goals and achieve its mission is the quality of the people on their team.

Without the right people in the right roles, an organization cannot effectively accomplish its mission

No matter how important your organization’s mission, no matter how good your vision for a solution, without the right team, your organization will struggle and fall short of its potential impact. Research shows that strong teams are diverse, equitable and inclusive; this is especially important in the education sector given the diversity of the students, families, and communities that we serve.

The talent market is inefficient; we need to make it better

We believe that the hiring process takes too long, costs too much money, and often results in poor hiring decisions. By centralizing jobseekers on a common platform, we streamline the hiring process.




Whether you're in Corporate America and want a career with more impact, a teacher looking for an alternative career in education outside the classroom, or someone already within the education sector seeking the challenge of a new role, TrulyHired can help you find a job in education that truly fits you!



If you're an innovative leader in an organization who cares about educational equity looking for talented, diverse and passionate candidates, you're in the right place. 

TrulyHired works with all types of organizations in the broader education sector, including school districts, public charter schools, community colleges, foundations, government agencies, support organizations, education technology companies, and policy/advocacy organizations to name a few.



At TrulyHired, we take pride in creating a platform that connects leaders to meaningful, mission-critical non-teaching jobs at impact-driven education organizations that are doing important work for kids.

Our non-teaching education jobs range from entry-level to executive positions. We focus on a variety of functions, such as jobs in finance, operations, curriculum design, strategy, fundraising and development, school leadership, program management, administration, data management, policy, advocacy, human capital management, legal, marketing, information technology, facilities management, research and more.

The impact of teachers inside the classroom is enhanced or diminished by the quality of the talent outside the classroom.